Vertical Residential Storage Batteries: Small Size, Big Impact

25kwh Vertical Energy Storage for Homes

In the dynamic world of energy storage, CalionPower stands out with its groundbreaking Vertical Energy Storage 48v 51.2v 100ah 200ah 5kwh-25kwh with Inverter. This product is a testament to the evolving landscape of residential energy solutions, reflecting a blend of compact design and robust performance.


Unveiling the Powerhouse: CDD-48100 and CDD-51.2100

CalionPower presents two exceptional models: the CDD-48100 and CDD-51.2100. These Vertical Energy Storage Systems are engineered with nominal voltages of 48V and 51.2V respectively, both offering a substantial capacity of 100Ah. The CDD-48100 boasts an energy capacity of 4800Wh, while its counterpart, the CDD-51.2100, steps up slightly higher at 5120Wh. Despite their power, both models maintain a compact footprint with identical dimensions of L500xW600xH150 mm, accommodating modern space constraints.

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Design and Durability: A Closer Look

Each unit’s design is a marvel, with the CDD-48100 weighing 50 kg and the CDD-51.2100 at a slightly heftier 54 kg. Both systems feature tailored discharge and charge cut-off voltages, ensuring safety and efficiency. Their build accommodates temperatures ranging from -10 to 60°C, making them versatile for various climates. Notably, they promise a design life exceeding 10 years at 25°C/77°F, with a cycle life surpassing 6000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD). This longevity speaks volumes about their reliability.


Connectivity and Communication: Seamless Integration

Connectivity is key in modern energy systems. Both models come equipped with RS485, RS232, and CAN communication ports, ensuring seamless integration with various home energy systems. The incorporation of these ports demonstrates CalionPower commitment to adaptable and future-proof designs.


Certification and Safety Standards

Safety and compliance are paramount. Certified with CE/UN38.3, these units align with rigorous safety standards, offering peace of mind to consumers. The capability to support up to 16 parallel connections highlights their scalability, suitable for a range of residential applications.


Maximizing Energy Utilization: Advanced Charging and Discharging

The maximum continuous charge and discharge currents of 100A indicate these systems’ capacity to handle significant energy loads. This feature makes the CDD-48100 and CDD-51.2100 ideal for homes with high energy demands, ensuring that energy is available when needed most.


Comprehensive Solutions: 48v-51.2v Variants and 100ah-200ah Options

CalionPower offers a spectrum of energy capacities, from 5kwh to 25kwh, addressing diverse residential needs. Whether it’s the 10kwh Vertical Residential Storage System, 15kwh Vertical Battery with Inverter, or the expansive 25kwh Vertical Energy Storage for Homes, each variant is designed to meet specific household energy requirements.


Futuristic Design: Vertical Panel Storage Rack

The incorporation of a Vertical Panel Storage Rack in these systems is not just a space-saving measure but also a nod to contemporary aesthetics. This design element ensures that the units not only perform exceptionally but also blend seamlessly into modern home environments.



What are the key differences between the CDD-48100 and CDD-51.2100 models?

The primary differences lie in their voltage and energy capacities. The CDD-48100 operates at 48V with an energy capacity of 4800Wh, while the CDD-51.2100 works at 51.2V and has a slightly higher capacity of 5120Wh. Both models share the same dimensions and connectivity options, but differ slightly in weight and discharge cut-off voltages.


Can the CalionPower Vertical Energy Storage systems be integrated with existing home energy systems?

Yes, the CalionPower Vertical Energy Storage systems are designed for easy integration with existing home energy systems. They come equipped with RS485, RS232, and CAN communication ports, allowing for seamless connectivity and adaptability.


What is the life expectancy of these vertical energy storage systems?

The CDD-48100 and CDD-51.2100 boast a design life of over 10 years at 25°C/77°F. Additionally, they have a cycle life that exceeds 6000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD), ensuring long-term reliability and performance.


Are these vertical energy storage systems safe and certified?

Absolutely. Both models are certified with CE/UN38.3, meeting high safety and performance standards. This certification ensures that they are reliable and safe for residential use.


What range of energy capacities are available in CalionPower Vertical Energy Storage lineup?

CalionPower offers a wide range of energy capacities, from 5kwh to 25kwh. This includes options like the 10kwh Vertical Residential Storage System, 15kwh Vertical Battery with Inverter, and the 20kwh Home Energy Storage Vertical Design, catering to various household energy requirements.



Conclusion: The Future of Home Energy Storage

In conclusion, the CDD-48100 and CDD-51.2100 from CalionPower represent a significant leap in home energy storage solutions. With their compact yet powerful design, advanced connectivity features, and adherence to safety standards, they are set to make a big impact in the realm of vertical residential energy storage. This innovation by CalionPower is a clear indicator of the future direction of home energy solutions – efficient, reliable, and seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.

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