Ollo Reward Master Card Reviews: Everything You Need To Know

Issued by the Bank of Missouri Ollo Mastercard is a different kind of  Credit card that is free from any external charges. It might be relaxing for those who frequently use credit cards for shopping. 

However, the card does not charge any extra fee but may impose high penalties for late payments on your Credit card bill.


To give you an insight into  ollo card reviews, we have brought this post for you. Without any further ado, let’s get straight into it. 


What is the Ollo Reward Master Credit Card


The leading credit card Company Ollo offers two types of credit cards Ollo Platinum Master Card, and Ollo Reward Master Card. 

However, Ollo does not issue any credit cards, instead ties up with the Bank of Missouri which issues both cards with a license from the Mastercard.

The card holders can earn 2 % cash back on making payments at gas stations, grocery stores, and drug stores, and 1 % cash back on other purchases at other stores where Mastercard is accepted.  You can earn unlimited cashback and your rewards won’t expire if your account is in Good condition.


Key Features of Ollo Reward Master card


Let’s have a look at ollo mastercard features


  • There are no annual fees charged to Ollo Platinum Mastercard and Ollo Optimum Mastercard.
  • No hidden charges are imposed on the card.
  • Zero Fraud Liability and unlimited cashback offers.
  • Get 1% cash back on all purchases with an Ollo rewards card.
  • It offers 24/7 customer service using both cards.
  • No penalty is imposed for a returned payment.


How to Log on Ollo Credit Card


To get all the benefits and features, you need to login on it. Here is how

  • Log in via Ollo Mastercard websites.
  • Log in via Ollo mobile app.


Ollo Master Card  through Websites


  • Go to the official websites of Ollo Master Card.
  • Here you need to enter the login credentials
  • Once done, hit the “Login” tab.

You are good to go.


Via Ollo Master card App


 To access Ollo Master Card via the app, you need to download the app whether from  Google Play Store or App Store and can login on it seamlessly 


  • Launch the Ollo mobile app on your phone.
  • Tap on the “Login” button
  • Enter the same login credentials as of Ollo Master card portal login.
  • Tap on the “Login” tab

You are done with it.


How to Reset Ollo Master Card Password


If you have any issues with Loggin on to Ollo master card for any reason, whether you have forgotten your password or entered incorrect login credentials, then you can rset your Ollo Mastercard Password

  • Open Ollo’s login page on your device.
  • Click on “Forgot Password or Unlock Account”.
  • An instruction form will open to retrieve your password consisting of the last 6 digits of your account number and username. 
  • Hit the “Next” tab to complete the process and create a new Password for your online account.


How to Register on Ollo Master Card Login Portal

Before you move to log in on Ollo Credit card Account, you need to create an account on it.

Follow the steps to do so.

  • Open the official website or Mobile app of Ollo Master card.
  • Tap on “Sign in”.
  • Click on the “Enroll Here” link at the bottom of the login form.
  • Here, an online application form will appear.
  • Enter all the personal details and card-related information and click on the “Next” tab 

To complete the registration process you need to go through the five steps like

  • Your information.
  • Your terms
  • Your ollo
  • Your settings

You are in. Here you need to create your Ollo username and password to log in again.

To delve into it must visit the site once.

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