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How to Use Snapchat Maps – A Comprehensive Guide 2024

Snapchat is an instant messaging app and service used to share multimedia developed by Snap Inc., originally Snapchat Incorporative!  One of the key features of Snapchat is that filmland and dispatches are generally only available for a short time before they come inapproachable to their donors. This point has led to Snapchat being nicknamed  “the ephemeral messaging app”.

Snapchat Maps: A Gem

Snap Map is a  point on Snapchat that allows druggies to partake in their position with musketeers and see the locales of their musketeers on a chart. Snap Map can be penetrated by swiping right twice from the camera screen. 

When you first open Snap Map, you’ll see a blue fleck that represents your current position. You can also see the Bitmoji incorporations of your musketeers who have participated in their position with you. If you tap on a friend’s Bitmoji avatar, you will see their location on the map and you can also send them a Snap.

Features of Snap Map

Snap Map also has several other features, including:

  • Live Stories: 

Live Stories are collections of Snaps from a specific location or event. Live Stories are public, so anyone can view them, even if they don’t have Snapchat.

  • Our Story: 

Our Story is a collection of Snaps from Snapchatters around the globe. Our Story is similarly public, so anyone can review it. 

  • Geofilters: 

Geofilters are special stickers that can be added to Snaps when you’re in a specific position. Geofilters are created by Snapchatters and businesses, and they can be used to elevate events, and firms, or just to possess fun. 

How To Open Snapchat Map

Here are the steps on how to open Snap Map:

  1. Open Snapchat and swipe right from the camera to open Snap Map.
  2. A blue dot on the map represents your current location and the Bitmoji avatars of your friends who have shared their locations with you.
  3. Tap on a friend’s Bitmoji avatar to see their location on the map and to send them a Snap.
  4. You can also use Snap Map to find Live Stories from different locations. Live Stories are collections of Snaps from a specific location or event.
  5. To find a Live Story, a valve on the magnifying glass icon in the top left corner of the chart. 
  6. Type in the name of a location or event to find Live Stories from that location.
  7. You can also use Snap Map to find Our Story. Our Story is a collection of Snap.
  8. To find Our Story, tap on the globe in the top left corner.

Tips to Using Snapchat Maps

Here are some additional tips for using Snap Map:

  • You can change the privacy settings on Snap Map.
  • You can also use Snap Map to find places to explore. 
  • You can use Snap Map to create custom geo-filters. Geofilters are stickers that can be added to Snaps when you’re in a specific position. To produce a custom geo- sludge,  valve on the icon in the top right corner. 

How to Use Snap Maps on Snapchat App

Snap Map is a feature in the Snapchat app that allows users to share their location with friends and see where their friends are on a map. To use Snap Map, you just need to follow the given instructions- 

Open the Snapchat app and pinch the screen as if zooming out. This will open the Snap Map. From there, you can see your Bitmoji avatar on the map and explore different locations by swiping around. You can change your status to appear on the map to only your friends or to everyone on Snapchat. Additionally, you can view hotspots on the map where many Snaps are being shared and even click on them to see what is happening in that location. It’s a fun way to see what your friends are up to and discover new places.


Snap Map is a  master way to stay connected, search new places, and learn about events passing around you. It’s a fun and interactive way to operate Snapchat, and it’s a  good way to see the world. 

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