Unveil The Different Types OF Name Badges That You Can Get

Do you also find it impossible to remember the names of your employees? So do we! But we cannot let our employees in on this little secret of ours, can we? Nuh-uh!

To make each and every one of our clients feel acknowledged and recognised, we have to address them by their names, don’t we? Heavens to Betsy! This is the most challenging part! But not anymore!

What, how? We are here with an extraordinary plan! Want to hear it?

Here you go! Why don’t you introduce fancy name tags in your organisation? We think it is a great idea! The best part is that you don’t have to stick to boring name tags; there are different types of name badges that you can choose from.

But you don’t know much about their types, do you? Worry not because you have landed on the right page! That is right, chum! We have discussed each type of name badge in detail below!

So, let us get familiar with them, shall we?

Hold Up! What Are Name Badges, Anyway?

1. Reusable Name Tag

Do you have a high staff turnover in your organisation? If you want a style that lets you alter inserts with different titles and names, then there is no better way to do so than using reusable name badges in Ireland. These badges are pretty efficient and let you save some $$$ instead of getting proper name tags and then replacing them time and time again. So, rather than getting new name tags for every new recruit, you can easily replace the inserts. A great plan, right? Furthermore, the reusable name tags are durable and tailored to serve a long time.

2. Engraved Plastic And Plastic Name Tags

Plastic name badges are another popular type of name badges that you see out there. They are pocket-friendly and easy to make. The best part? You can get logos or names in single colour as well as in full colour. How brilliant!

The best part? Plastic comes in a lot of different sizes, styles, and shapes too. Therefore, in order to add a unique touch to plastic name tags, why don’t you consider getting your hands on engraved plastic name tags? We think it is a nice plan! These name tags look a bit more elaborate and fancy as compared to the simple plastic ones.

However, there is one pitfall when it comes to engraved plastic badges. Hmm! What is it? Let us break it to you! These types limit the available colours on name badges; oh no! Thus, they are only ideal for companies that have a single-coloured and simple logo. The engraved text or design on these types reveals a second colour beneath the top layer.

3. Leatherette

If your company’s vibe has a rustic or natural appeal, then we have something brilliant in mind for you. Are you excited to know about it? Spoiler alert! It is a one-of-a-kind name-tag style that looks super dope on employees. Can you guess which type we are talking about? That is right! Leatherette it is!

So, if you own a country-style restaurant or an establishment that deals with natural products, you know which type of name tag to go with! However, there is one thing that you must bear in mind: these types of badges are a bit trickier to match with uniforms. Thus, you have to introduce a uniform that has a palette that goes hand-in-hand with such tags. Moreover, these types also don’t work well with designs having vibrant colours.

4. Magnetic Name Tag

If you get icky by the sticky surfaces or the tiny holes left by most of the name tags, then magnetic name tags might be your best bet. These tags come with magnetic fasteners to make your life bearable. No matter how thick your cloth is, these tags work just fine and are secure. Thus, they can be used on outerwear as well as suit lapels! How relieving!

5. Metal Name Tags

Are you on the lookout to have a name tag that is sleek and elegant? Moreover, it has your company logo on it and the employee’s name printed on it? Be it single-coloured or full-coloured, look no more than metal name tags!

The good news is that you can even choose the material of your metal tags. Even though gold is a classic choice, gold name tags are simply not recommended due to their difficult readability and being too much valuable. The perfect metals for name tags are lightweight silver or aluminium. These metal tags are perfect for events as well as businesses.

6. Name Tag Pouches

If you like your hands to be free but always end up having something in your hands, then name tag pouches will be your chalk horse. That is right! You can use them as more than a mere name tag by placing your mobile phones, money, pens, memos, cards, etc., in them. How convenient, no?

You can secure your stuff by getting a name-tag pouch with a zipper. This way, you will be able to enjoy your events while having your hands free. Custom name tag manufacturers can personalise these pouches by printing your company’s name and logo on the lace. With such customisation, you can ensure that your brand name stays visible for a long, long time. Perfect!

7. Vinyl Holder Name Tags

Vinyl holder name tags are crafted to be adaptable and durable. They are ideal for multi-day events or meetings and a lot more. These types of tags are a tried and tested variation that is best suited for all events and businesses. You can get different thicknesses on the vinyl material to add more to its durability. They also come in different shapes.

The best part? If you opt for these types, you will get the choice to get clips, lanyards, or magnetic fasteners for them. You can also get your company logo designed all over these lanyards. So, contact any affordable lanyards printing Ireland service providers to know your options. We are sure you will be provided with only the best of the best.

8. Chalkboard Name Tags

If you host events for younger audiences and children often, then you can fancy them by handing out name tags created with chalkboard material. Not only younger audiences but also older audiences can be captivated by giving these types of tags to them. Trust us! They will be filled with a strong sense of nostalgia as soon as they begin to write their names on their own tags.

Summing It All Up! 

So, this was all you need to know about the different types of name badges. By reading our list of 8 one-of-a-kind types of name tags, you are all set to order a bunch of these for your employees. However, before placing your orders, keep in mind the information you want to deliver through your name tags and your preferred styles. We are sure that you will make the right decision because one cannot simply go wrong with these cutesy name tags, can they?

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