All About Digital Thermometers: Features and Benefits

Technological advancement has paved the way for the invention of many new gadgets that have made the day-to-day life of humans comfortable and easy. The digital thermometer is one such device that has become a valuable tool in healthcare. It has now almost totally replaced the older mercury thermometer. For many reasons, a digital thermometer is now the preferred choice over the classic mercury thermometer. Let’s check the features and advantages of digital thermometer.

Digital Thermometer

A digital thermometer is a temperature-sensing medical device used to measure the body temperature of a person. It consists of a sensor, which is a digital voltmeter that runs on a battery, and an electronic display. The sensor can be a resistance temperature detector, thermocouple or thermistor. The temperature output from the sensor is measured by the voltmeter and displayed on the electronic display. A digital thermometer gives a quick and accurate temperature reading. It is also safe and convenient to use. These characteristics make digital thermometers a popular choice for monitoring temperature at hospitals and at home.

Different types of digital thermometers are available in the market, including oral, ear, forehead, and rectal thermometers. Each one is designed for taking temperature readings from different body parts in specific age groups.

Peculiarities of a Digital Thermometer

 A digital thermometer has the following features:

  • No Mercury, so 100% safe to use
  • Can be used at hospitals and at home 
  • Has a beeper alert
  • Has memory function
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto Switch off
  • Fever alarm
  • Quick measurement with high precision
  • Easy to read

Advantages of Using a Digital Thermometer

The digital thermometer has several advantages over its mercury counterpart. The various benefits of using a digital thermometer are detailed below.

  • Safe: The mercury used in traditional thermometers is a toxic substance and this can be lethal if the device breaks and the chemical gets into the body. With digital thermometers, one doesn’t need to worry about this as they are devoid of mercury.  This makes digital thermometers a preferred safer choice for using at the house, particularly for children.  They also reduce the danger associated with glass breakage, which is common with mercury thermometers. This is especially crucial in settings such as hospitals, where the possible risks of shattered glass are major issues.
  • Quick and Precise: Digital thermometer measures the body temperature fast and with great accuracy. It gives the reading in seconds, contrary to the mercury thermometer which takes several minutes. A quick temperature reading is demanded when checking infants, restless children, and impatient patients. Not just speed, the accuracy of digital thermometers is also great. They can measure the temperature down to a tenth of a degree. This precision is important when monitoring fever because the treatment depends upon the severity of the temperature of the patient.
  • Easy to Read: Since digital thermometers have a digital display to show the result, one doesn’t need to read the temperature. This allows for a clear temperature measurement, eliminating the chances of misinterpretation of results.
  • User-Friendly Design: Features like digital display, backlighting and color-coded displays enable easy interpretation of results.  Some models come with a memory function, which means they can store the previous readings. This helps users keep track of their temperature changes over time. 
  • Versatility: Apart from reading body temperature, digital thermometers can also be used to measure temperatures of food, liquid and rooms. This eliminated the need for separate thermometers for different purposes. The versatility of digital thermometers makes them a useful tool for medical and everyday use.
  • Hygienic: Maintaining hygiene while using a thermometer is very important. Most digital thermometers have a probe cover or disposable sheath that can be easily replaced after each use. Thus cross-contamination can be prevented. There is also a non-contact infrared digital thermometer that can measure temperature without making any physical contact.
  • Convenient to Use: The battery-powered digital thermometers are always ready to use. This helps in times of emergency when quick temperature measurement is critical.
  • Alarm Notification: Many of the digital thermometers come with an alarm feature. When the temperature exceeds a threshold level, the alarm notifies the users. This helps them take immediate measures.
  • Durability: Most digital thermometers have a sturdy body which prevents easy damage. Thus, with proper handling, these can be used for many years.


Digital thermometer is an essential medical device every house should have. It has several advantages over the mercury thermometer that makes them a reliable, convenient and safe choice for accurate temperature measurement.

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