Singapore schools that offer international baccalaureate diploma and class 3 admission

There are a large number of Singapore Schools that offer the international baccalaureate diploma as well as class 3 admission. Let us get a lowdown on the best ones out of these.

1. Global Indian International School 

Global Indian International School Singapore is one of Singapore’s best known international schools. Not only does it offer its students the International Baccalaureate programme (Primary Years and Diploma), but also Global Montessori Plus curriculum and the premier Indian syllabus CBSE. The school boasts world class infrastructure as well as the best teachers in terms of their qualifications and experience. This K to 12 school is exceedingly popular both with the locals and the expats on account of its brilliant academic track record. What’s more, its students routinely obtain admission to some of the best colleges and universities anywhere. 

2. North London Collegiate School Singapore

North London Collegiate School Singapore is one of the premier IB schools in the region. As its name suggests, it also offers the British curriculum to its students. Not only do they have a state of the art campus, they are known for  a rigorous academic approach-something that is greatly appreciated in a place like Singapore. A coeducational school for children in the 3 to 18 years age group, the school is very popular with those expats who are very keen on their children getting a proper British education. Though founded quite recently in 2020, the school has already acquired a fair reputation for the quality of education provided by it. Its convenient location in the heart of Singapore makes the school all the more popular.

3. Nexus International School Singapore

Nexus International School Singapore is one of the best known international schools in Singapore that offers outstanding British and International Baccalaureate education to its students. Founded in 2011, it is one of the favorite international schools in the region for both the locals and expats. Right from early childhood to high school the school does everything to provide its students with a nurturing and supportive environment that allows them to learn, grow and develop in the best possible manner. Everything about the school from its well appointed campus to its teaching staff are out of the top drawer. A great school to get admission to class 3 or for that matter any class for any child-expat or Singaporean.


Singapore is a great place to send one’s children to school. The schools in the island nation take academics and discipline very seriously and this reflects in the way their students shape up. These schools are as good as the best in the West without the accompanying problems of lack of discipline and a non serious approach to studies.

Singapore is the perfect synthesis of the East and the West and that augurs well for youngsters who are going to be determining the shape of the remaining part of the 21st century. We are living in times that are favorable to Asia. What better place to go to school than Singapore then.

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