Automation testing types and Full Overview Of Testing

Types of Automation Testing

Cutting-edge technology like automation never ceases to amaze people. It could open up new avenues for technology and encourage the continuous broadening of its applications. However, the answer is right here.

Testing Automation: What Is It?

Automation testing is a method

used to test software products with the aim

of eliminating errors by reducing human participation.

It is accomplished with

the help of specialized

testing tools and frameworks. This procedure indirectly raises the quality of the product. 

Software automation

is employed to carry out the testing.

Using this method,

and the test scripts are used to test the execution flow. 

By contrasting the expected and actual outputs,

the application’s dependability

and quality are guaranteed. 

Repeated, tedious tasks are easier to finish with automated testing.

These tasks are essential to pipelines for CI/CD. 

Types of Automation Testing

Automation testing can

be divided into three major groups.

  1. Automation of testing according to test kinds
  2. Automated testing according to the testing phases
  3. Automated testing according to test kinds
  4. Automation of testing according to test kinds

Depending on the testing kinds, these can be of two types:

1. Assessment of Function   

Functional testing focuses on the main objective of the product and assesses every aspect of the application. Usually, it is contingent upon the needs of the client. Functional testing confirms the actions performed by the program. There are two ways to go about it: manually or through automation. Testing a website’s log in function is one instance of this type of testing.

2. Non-Functional Testing

This type of testing concentrates on the product’s behavior and its ability to validate non-functional attributes, like usability, performance, and dependability.

suit their requirements. It is not possible to do this laborious task by hand. The time it takes for the dashboard of a website to load is one example. 

Employing automation for testing according to the testing phase

 A: Automated testing and unit testing

The smallest component

of the software is called a unit. Since it gives a complete view of the code’s performance, each component of the code must work as planned for the product to succeed. The execution time is faster here since the code

Developers generally like this type of testing. 

B: Examining the API 

The interface that connects the database and user interface

is called the Application

Programming Interface, or API. 

Examining the entire functioning of the program is the primary goal of this type of testing. 

C: Testing User Interfaces

In this instance, the testers search for accuracy in the visible aspects. These elements consist of the text fields, labels, buttons, links, and visuals on the user interface of the system. To provide a better user experience,

Testing ensures that the

application can be used to control a

user’s activities while utilizing a keyboard, mouse, or other input device. Our goal is to provide a user interface (UI) and experience that is friendly and easy to use. 

Automated testing according to test kinds

 A: Smoke test

The first step in the application testing process is smoke testing, often known as build verification testing.

B: Examination of integrity

Integration testing

is also known as

thread testing, string testing, and I&T testing. Ensuring appropriate communication between all of the application’s essential components is the aim of this testing.

C: Analysis of Regression

and configuration adjustments.

the functional and non-functional tests of the application again.

D: Verifications of Security 

The tester has to avoid data breaches, monetary losses, and harm to their brand from unauthorized access.

Security testing

underlying risk threads, stop hostile infiltration,

and eradicate such cases entirely.

Numerous software program vulnerabilities, threats, infections, etc. are also among the dangers. With the help of this kind of testing, you may find every security hole and vulnerability in the system and swiftly close them with practical patches.

How to Select the Greatest Test Automation Platform in Just Six Simple Steps

The automation testing tool plays a major role in determining how effective a test automation process is.

1. A Foundation of Assistance


any automated testing solution

needs to work on a variety of platforms. It would be imperative to have remarkable interoperability with mobile, Unix, Windows, macOS, Linux, and other operating systems. Maverx and Selenium certification course are examples of technologies that support a multitude of platforms. that the automated testing solution facilitates cross-browser testing is essential. 

In conclusion, the emergence of automation testing courses and the coexistence of automated and human methodologies underscore the necessity of adapting to the testing environment. By obtaining certification in test automation, professionals may stay on the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving field and get the skill necessary to navigate the complex issues surrounding software quality assurance. By appreciating the complementary benefits of both automated and manual testing, we deepen our dedication to developing reliable, high-caliber software in the ever-evolving digital terrain.

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