How Intel vPro Processors Empower Your Business

Equip your business for success with PCs powered by Intel vPro. These PCs are tailor-made for business, offering features designed to navigate the future of IT security confidently. Intel vPro® empowers your team to connect and collaborate seamlessly, providing speed and flexibility to capture opportunities.

With over 15 years of development, Intel vPro processor PCs are an unrivaled business solution. Rigorous testing and industry partnerships make them a comprehensive PC platform, ensuring confidence in one of the most trusted solutions available.

Propel Your Business:

Arm your teams with Intel’s latest, reliable technologies to drive business forward. Whether ultralight laptops or high-power workstations, Intel vPro® delivers professional-grade performance.

Respond with speed and control as your business adapts to emerging needs and explores new opportunities.

Features for IT professionals:

  • Comprehensive Security: Intel Hardware Shield provides integrated hardware-based PC protection, ensuring below-the-OS security, application and data protection, and advanced threat detection.
  • Professional Grade Performance: Intel CoreTM processors at the heart of Intel vPro® deliver industry-leading performance tuned for business workloads.
  • Remote Management: Intel Active Management Technology and Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant enable remote discovery, repair, and protection of PCs across your organization, reducing disruption for employees.
  • Reliable Stability: Rigorous testing and the Intel Stable IT Platform Program ensure stable foundations for smooth fleet management, aiming for zero hardware changes throughout the buying cycle.

Ongoing Market Trends:

Trend No. 1: Hardware-Based Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is paramount for small business owners. Beyond being aware of various threats like malware, phishing, and ransomware, understanding the best security practices is crucial. Hardware-based security is a key approach, minimizing the attack surface and severely limiting potential access points for hackers. Modern cyber threats demand a comprehensive defense that spans application, software, firmware, and hardware levels.

Business-grade PCs, equipped with hardware-rooted security technologies, provide a robust defense against invisible firmware attacks and go beyond traditional threat detection methods. This end-to-end security solution safeguards PCs at every level, protecting both employees and data.

Trend No. 2: Performance

Consider the performance capabilities of your business PCs. Employees can lose valuable work time waiting for older computers to boot up. High-performance, responsive business-grade PCs, such as those powered by the latest Intel vPro® Essentials platform, optimize productivity and multitasking. These PCs dynamically adjust processing based on actual usage, ensuring fast system performance with minimal interruptions.

Investing in PCs tailored to the demands of business enhances employee satisfaction and retention. A 2021 McKinsey study found that positive employee experiences increase the likelihood of employees staying with a company by eight times.

Trend No. 3: Rapid Connectivity

Modern collaboration and connectivity rely on Wi-Fi and cable technologies. Technologies like Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+) and ThunderboltTM significantly enhance business productivity by offering high-speed data transfers, cable management, and flexibility for external port access. Rapid connectivity, whether through Wi-Fi 6E, 4G LTE, 5G, or ThunderboltTM technology, enables efficient resource access, better customer support, and more effective collaboration.

Trend No. 4: Mobility and Remote Workforce

The shift to remote and hybrid work is now commonplace due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees favoring the flexibility of remote or hybrid work require mobile-friendly, durable, and high-performance PCs, along with secure and reliable remote access. Business-grade PCs based on the Intel vPro chipset Essentials platform come with built-in hardware-based security features and remote management capabilities. This allows centralized management of your PC fleet, providing patches, upgrades, and troubleshooting whether your team is on-site or remote. This ensures productivity regardless of the work location, supported by built-in remote PC management and security features.

More Intel vPro Options:

  • Intel vPro® for ChromeOS: Bring vPro® benefits to Chromebooks, ensuring security, flexibility, and performance on the Chrome platform.
  • Intel vPro® Essentials for Small Business: Ideal for growing businesses without dedicated IT staff, Essentials provides control over your PC fleet, alone or with IT partner assistance.
  • Intel vPro with EvoTM Laptops: Built for IT needs and what mobile users want. EvoTM laptops combine multilayer security and complete manageability with a premium user experience, including instant wake, intelligent collaboration, and longer battery life.

This year marked the launch of Intel vPro featuring 13th Gen Intel® CoreTM processors, a groundbreaking move towards revolutionary business performance. Serving as the foundation for professional-grade PCs, Intel vPro® is designed to empower companies of all sizes to thrive in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

Own the Workday:

Spend more time driving innovation and less time resolving IT issues with built-in hardware-based security and modern remote manageability features. A survey indicates that 74% of IT decision-makers find that PC management costs have been reduced with Intel vPro®.

Defying physics and building the future, Intel remains a leading semiconductor developer and manufacturer. With our IDM 2.0 strategy, we invest billions in manufacturing capacity expansion globally, maintaining leadership in process, product, supply, and cost.

  • Make an impact:

End-to-end sustainability features enable you to maximize your investment while providing your team with tools to work with fewer interruptions. Intel® Active Management Technology’s wake features help conserve energy by shutting down PCs during off-hours or scheduling devices to power on at intervals.

With over 15 years of development and numerous industry partnerships, confidently tailor Intel vPro technology to align with your business goals without interoperability concerns.

  • Leading in Products:

Lead and make computing accessible with Intel x86 and XPU. We’re not just about PCs; we’re addressing the data-centric world from edge computing to 5G, cloud, AI, and autonomous driving.

  • Open Platforms for Innovation:

Intel champions open standards like Linux and Android, enabling companies globally to build networks and solutions. Open platforms, constantly improved by developers, provide stability, reliability, and security. Microservices allow flexible development with connected, end-to-end processes.

Bottom Line:

We collaborate and contribute to open-source projects, connecting millions of developers. Optimized for Intel hardware, our software accelerates innovation across platforms. Co-engineering with industry leaders ensures seamless integration of new products, advancing technology together.

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