Best Tips to Treat Ants Naturally Without Hiring a Pest Control Company

Like other pests, ants too can invade your home as they are always in search of a food source. They are commonly found in every home. These pests are tiny in size and carry bacteria with them just like mosquitoes wherever they go. Ants are of different types such as harvester ants, feisty fire, and so on. However, they cause serious damage to you. So, you must look for the best pest control company to exterminate the ant infestation in your house. However, if you don’t want to hire a company then you can refer to the following tips to prevent ant infestation in your house:-


Lemon can be one of the effective things to prevent ant infestation in your house. You can place the peels of lemon at the entry points the ants use to enter your home. Besides, you can squeeze a lemon there. You can also wipe the floors with lemon water which helps in preventing the entry of ants. The bitter and sour taste of lemon shoos the ants away. However, don’t spread sugar on the floor as that will attract the ants. Instead, clean your kitchen as soon as possible and place the lemon peels there.

Use Pepper

Ants hate pepper so you should sprinkle pepper at the entry area of the ants. This will help them restrict the entry of pepper. Just make the solution of pepper and water and spray it on the affected area. However, you must clean the area where you need to spray this solution. Many people spray this solution on the affected area and protect their homes from the attack of ants. Hence, don’t forget to use the pepper to shoo the ants of your house away.

Use Borax

You can make an ant bait with the help of Borax and a food source that attracts the ants. Once they get attracted to the bait, they will consume the bait. Borax is a slow poison. Thus, when they consume it, they will die. However, you can use different food sources according to the species of the ants. If you want to deal with sugar ants, you can use sweet food items such as syrup, jelly, or honey.

However, if you are dealing with pavement ants and other species of ants, then you should use Nutella or peanut butter. Take 3/4th teaspoon of borax and 1/4th cup of any sweet food item and make a mixture. Now, you should place it near the ants. They will consume the bait, get poisoned, and leave the scent that guides other ants to this food source.

Ground Cinnamon

Cinnamon is also believed to be a great deterrent to the ant infestation. It restricts the entry of ants into your home and forces these pests to leave. So, make sure to lay out the cinnamon seasoning in the infested area to force the ants to leave the affected area. The strong scent of Cinnamon is the reason why ants leave the affected area immediately. This spice does not kill the ants but restricts them from making an entry into your house.


Cloves are also one of the beneficial spices that are good at treating ants naturally. For the best results, mix 2 tablespoons of cloves with warm water and put it into a bottle. Now, spray this mixture on the infested areas. Cloves possess a strong smell that deters the ants from entering your house. You can spray this mixture and see the best results.

Keep Pet Food at a Safe Place

You would be surprised to note that the ants like to consume pet food. Pavement ants, which are one of the species of ants, love your pet’s food very much. Thus, you should keep your pet’s food away from them. Also, pick up the stray pieces and don’t leave this food outside. This will help you a lot in preventing the ant infestation in your home.

Seal Entry Points

Before sealing the entry points, you must identify the area from where the ants are entering your house. You should also check your window screens for a hole. If they are not functioning properly, then get them repaired as soon as possible. If you notice any cracks around the doorframes, windows, and tiles, you should seal them as soon as possible. Also, caulk the baseboards to seal out the ants as well as other pesky pests.

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Boiling Water

Boiling water is another effective solution for your ant problem. All you need to do is to pour boiling water into the holes. This will kill the ants immediately. Also, look for other holes around your home and treat them with the help of boiling water. This will surely kill the colony of the ants.


Oranges work effectively in treating the pest infestation of your house. They are immensely helpful in exterminating the ants present in your house. Just take a few orange peels and mix a cup of warm water with them. Make a paste of it and spread it around the entry area of ants. Leave this paste for a short while there and then wipe this area. You can also keep the orange peels on the kitchen slab. This deters the ants from entering your home. Many people choose orange peels to handle the ant infestation of their house. They benefit by using orange peels for the prevention of ants.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is also a great thing to treat the problem of ant infestation. The ants can’t withstand its smell. Take an equal amount of vinegar and mix it with an equal amount of water. Now, add some essential oil and shake it well. Now, you can sprinkle this solution at the entry area of the ants. Make sure to repeat this process once a day. This solution is not effective in killing them but can help in restricting their entry to your house. You can also spray this solution around your doorways, windowsills, and other places where you notice ants.


The above-mentioned tips are extremely useful in treating ant infestation in your house. However, if these tips don’t work for you, then the best would be to book a professional pest control in Mumbai.

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