Reviewing The Most Trusted Permanent Makeup (PMU) Brands

Permanent makeup (PMU), also known as cosmetic tattooing, has become increasingly popular nowadays. Why wouldn’t it be? It offers a long-lasting solution for enhancing facial features. It allows people to get the shape and color they want for their lips, brows, and eyeliner. But how do you ensure your client gets the best result? The answer is simple: by choosing the right Permanent Makeup Supplies brands and products. This is a crucial step to achieve safe and desirable results. In this article, we are going to review the most trusted brands in the Permanent Makeup industry.

Pmu Supplies

Brow Daddy

Brow Daddy is a well-known name in the Permanent Makeup world.  This pigments are famous for their excellent quality, making them a top pick for artists who want long-lasting effects.

What makes Brow Daddy’s quality stand out?

  1. Unique formula: According to Brow Daddy’s website, their pigments feature a special vegan-friendly formula designed for optimal performance. The key composition of their products are formulated to last long and be gentle on the skin.
  2. Independent testing: Their pigments undergo strict independent tests to ensure they meet safety and regulatory standards. They share third-party test results on their website for transparency.
  3. Artist collaboration: Brow Daddy works closely with leading PMU artists to improve their formulations and color options based on real-world feedback. This ensures their pigments meet artists’ specific needs.

Best Permanent Makeup products of Brow Daddy

  • Framework Master Pencil: A dual-ended pencil with a spoolie brush and a retractable tip for creating precise hair strokes and defining the brow shape.
  • DNA Pigments Minerals: A collection of 10 mineral-based pigments for eyebrow and eyeliner permanent makeup.
  • DNA Pigments Organics: A collection of 10 organic-based pigments for lip and areola permanent makeup.
  • DNA Lip Pigments: A collection of 10 lip pigments for creating natural and vibrant lip colors.
  • Cleo and Cleo 2.0 Permanent Makeup Pens: Wireless tattoo machines with adjustable needle depth, speed, and voltage.
  • Magic Corrector Set: A set of 3 pigments for correcting and modifying permanent makeup colors.
  • Hybrid Tints: A set of hybrid tints offer the perfect shade for every style and skin tone.
  • Brow Lift Kit: A kit for performing brow lamination, a treatment that lifts and shapes the eyebrows.
  • Genie Needle Cartridges: A range of needle cartridges for different permanent makeup techniques.
  • Genie Nano Feather Microblades: A range of microblades for creating fine and crisp hair strokes.

Framework Brushes: Created to give extremely clean and precise results when highlighting and framing the brows.

Their Gold Collection pigments are loved by artists worldwide for consistent results, easy blending, and natural-looking brows. Artists prefer their pigments for blending smoothly, creating natural-looking strokes or gradients. Plus, their extensive color range suits various skin tones and hair colors, making them versatile for any Permanent Makeup professional.

If you want pigments that offer consistent quality and natural results, Brow Daddy is the way to go. You can easily find their products on Miami Brow Shop which is a trusted source for permanent makeup supplies and high-quality pigments, designed exclusively for professionals in the industry.


Kwadron is renowned in the tattoo and permanent makeup (PMU) industry for its exceptional quality and reliability. Let’s get into what makes this brand special and why artists love it:

High-Quality Tattoo Needles

Kwadron’s tattoo needles are trusted by professional tattoo artists worldwide due to their precision and consistency. These needles are designed to ensure smooth and accurate lines during tattooing. The brand’s commitment to quality makes it a top choice for artists seeking reliable tools.


Kwadron offers a wide variety of needle configurations and sizes to cater to different tattoo styles and techniques. This gives artists more control and flexibility in their work.

Artist trust and endorsement

Many well-known tattoo artists use and endorse Kwadron needles, which can influence the preferences of other artists.

Universal compatibility

Unlike some brands, Kwadron needles work seamlessly with various tattoo machines, offering artists flexibility with equipment.

Cartridge system

Its convenient cartridge system promotes hygiene, saves setup time, and simplifies needle swaps during tattooing.

If you want to buy them, Miami Brow Shop offers two types of Kwadron products: Kwadron Optima Cartridges and Kwadron Magnum Cartridges. Explore their online store to view their selection of Kwadron products and other PMU supplies.

Ending Note

A PMU artist must stay updated on the brands that bring something exceptional to the market. Choosing the right Permanent Makeup brands is essential for achieving safe and desirable results in permanent makeup. Brands like Brow Daddy and Kwadron stand out for their commitment to quality, innovation, and artist collaboration. Whether you’re looking for long-lasting pigments or precision tattoo needles, these trusted brands offer the tools you need to create stunning results. So, what are you waiting for? Keep exploring and stay updated on the latest advancements in the Permanent Makeup industry to ensure you’re always delivering the best services to your clients. 


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