Intel ARC Can Upgrade Your UK Gaming Setup on a Budget

Building the ultimate gaming PC is a dream for many, but it’s not always financially feasible. With new components launching every year promising cutting-edge performance at eye-watering prices, upgrading can feel out of reach if you’re watching your budget. However, Intel’s new ARC graphics cards promise big gains for modest money. 

From improved frame rates to enhanced graphics features, Intel ARC UK has you covered to take your gaming to the next level without emptying your wallet.

1. Upgrade Your Resolution in Style 

By choosing an Intel ARC GPU card like the A750, you’ll be unlocking higher resolutions while keeping costs low. Where older graphics cards might struggle at 1440p or 4K, Intel ARC delivers the graphics muscle to game beautifully at sharper, more immersive resolutions. 

You’ll be amazed how much better games look when you upgrade your monitor with an Intel ARC in your system. And with support for technologies like HDMI 2.1, you can even game at luscious 120Hz refresh rates on compatible screens.

2. Boost Frame Rates Across Your Library 

Gamers are always looking for ways to get more out of their existing hardware and maximise performance without breaking the bank. If your current graphics card is starting to show its age or you’re gaming on integrated graphics, an Intel ARC GPU may be just what you need to breathe new life into your gaming library. Intel’s new ARC lineup promises impressive performance gains at affordable prices. 

  • One area that particularly benefits is esports titles, which thrive on high and consistent frame rates. Games like Fortnite, Rocket League, Valorant and CS:GO demand snappy input responses to be competitive at the highest levels. While these games may not be the most graphically demanding, any dips or stutters can be costly in the heat of battle. 
  • ARC ensures a smooth experience with its real-time ray tracing cores, dedicating processing power to frame rendering. Top esports players may see their skills elevated to new heights on an ARC-powered system, never dropping frames when it matters most.
  • Modern triple-A blockbusters will also be transformed on ARC. Demanding titles that once had to be played at low settings just to maintain 30 fps will suddenly run smoothly at high or ultra quality. Ray tracing effects that were only possible at slideshow framerates can now enhance your visuals without tanking performance. 

3. Enjoy Enhanced Graphics Features

Graphics technologies like ray tracing and XeSS upscaling are usually reserved for expensive cards. But thanks to Intel ARC UK, you too can experience the magic of real-time ray-traced reflections and shadows in compatible games, making visuals more lifelike than ever before. 

And with XeSS, even complex scenes will maintain high frame rates as this new upscaling technology reconstructs the image. Games will take on a new level of visual fidelity with Intel ARC bringing cutting-edge graphics features within financial reach.

4. Upgrade Compatibility Without Compromise

Older hardware may limit certain GPU upgrades. But Intel ARC changes that by supporting legacy platforms that previous cards dropped. For example, if your motherboard only has PCIe 3.0, ARC still delivers excellent 1440p performance. And with robust Linux compatibility out of the box, even older systems can run modern games. 

5. Expand Your Display Real Estate

By adding multi-monitor functionality, Intel ARC UK enables you to expand your immersion without the cost of an ultra-wide display. Whether gaming across three screens or having productivity panels alongside, ARC’s multi-output support lets you enjoy a more expansive view. 

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a whole new realm of peripheral vision in games. And with features like Picture-by-Picture, working and playing simultaneously is seamlessly achieved on a budget. Intel ARC helps you maximise your desktop space without the high price tag of exotic displays.

6. Supercharged Streaming Without Stuttering

Content creators on a budget will love how the Intel ARC GPU boosts streaming and recording quality without premium hardware. Its hardware encoding abilities offload the workload from your CPU to give you buttery-smooth streams. Lag and stuttering become a thing of the past as ARC ensures rock-solid encoding even during intense gameplay scenes. And its versatile output options let you broadcast to multiple platforms simultaneously. 

7. Enhance Compatibility and Portability

Thanks to its compact design suited for mini-ITX builds, Intel ARC opens up more options for HTPCs and LAN rigs. You’ll be able to craft an affordable living room PC or fully portable workstation with the small but mighty ARC card. 

Its low power usage also makes it perfect for SFF builds and laptops, future-proofing your system’s compatibility. And with Thunderbolt support, even older machines can tap into the power of ARC and enjoy boosted gaming on the go or on any display. 

8. Extend Hardware Lifespan Sustainably

Rather than having to completely rebuild your ageing gaming PC, Intel ARC lets you upgrade select components to inject new life into your existing setup. By extending the usable lifetime of your hardware, you reduce e-waste and save money versus a whole new build. 

Your trusty processor, memory and storage can stay while Intel ARC modernises graphics. The planet benefits as fewer parts end up discarded prematurely too. By choosing Intel ARC, you adopt a greener and more sustainable approach to upgrades on a sensible budget.

9. Boost Productivity and Creativity Affordably

Even when not gaming, the Intel ARC GPU accelerates your PC for improved productivity and creativity. Its powerful media engines accelerate video editing and 3D rendering tasks that can take ages on older iGPUs. Content looks gorgeous when viewed on multiple screens too, thanks to ARC. And its robust SDK support empowers developers to unlock new capabilities. 


If upgrading your gaming setup feels like a distant dream, Intel ARC could make it an affordable reality. By bringing cutting-edge graphics technologies like ray tracing and XeSS within financial reach, ARC breathes new life into older gaming PCs and unlocks higher resolutions, frame rates and visual fidelity. Whether you game, stream or get creative, Intel ARC’s versatile performance on a budget has you covered. 

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