Khajuraho Calling! Make the Most of Your Visit with These 5 Must-See Sights

Khajuraho is a must visit place for all history buffs and temple trekkers. Every temple here tells incredible stories of the divine past.

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This UNESCO World Heritage site in the heart of India is not just another pit-stop, but a journey back in time, where you’ll be impressed by the many sculptures and stunning architecture of the temples. 

Read on to know the five must-see sights that make Khajuraho a timeless tease.

1. Western Group of Temples:

This is the place where the magic begins. You can say that it is like the VIP lounge of Khajuraho, flaunting some of the best temples of the town.

The Kandariya Mahadeva Temple stands tall here, strutting a spire that’s a skyscraper of the bygone era.

Don’t miss the Lakshmana Temple, where the intricate carvings could give modern-day 3D artists a run for their money. And when the sun hits just right, the whole place lights up beautifully and looks simply amazing.

2. Eastern Group of Temples:

Next on the list are the Eastern Group of Temples where the Jain and Hindu sanctuaries live in neighbourly harmony.

The Parsvanatha Temple here is a beauty, its detailed sculptures narrating life’s grandeur. And let’s not forget the Ghantai Temple, a relic that rings with the echoes of Jain people.

It is comparatively less crowded, so you can easily explore the place and discover the divine in peace.

3. Southern Group of Temples:

Want to go where the wild things are? The Southern Group of Temples is your place to explore the road less travelled.

The Duladeo and Chaturbhuj temples stand here, a bit aloof, a bit mysterious and totally worth the detour. These are the spots where you can hear the whispers of history without the chatter of the crowd. Plan to explore this place and you will surely have a great time.

4. Sound and Light Show:

As dusk falls, head to the Western Group of Temples for the Sound and Light Show. This is not just any narration – it is Amitabh Bachchan’s baritone giving you the lowdown on Khajuraho’s legends.

Sound & Light Show at Khajuraho

Its history, drama and storytelling rolled into one under the stars. A pro tip when going for this evening extravaganza is to carry a shawl as it gets cold out there on the lawns in the late evenings.

5. Raneh Falls and Ken Gharial Sanctuary:

If you are looking for natural nirvana, these two places are worth exploring. Just a short drive from Khajuraho, the Raneh Falls and Ken Gharial Sanctuary await with a canyon of crystalline rocks and engagements with the snouted gharial crocodiles.

It is the perfect palette cleanser after a day of temple-hopping.

Khajuraho is a place where every stone tells a story and every visit feels like the first time. And for your stay in the town, there are 5 star hotels in Khajuraho that promise a luxury stay, making your trip all the more memorable. So plan your trip soon and set your soul to marvel.

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