Pre Kindergarten to grade 12 IB schools in Tokyo

Japan is one of the most industrialized and affluent nations in the world. Its capital Tokyo is a world city like New York City, Paris and London. As the capital of Japan, a premier nation in world affairs since the nineteenth century, it is a globally important city which has always attracted visitors from all over the world.  

In today’s times, Tokyo is home to a very large expat population. These include diplomats, journalists, overseas employees and tourists. Many of them live there with their families including their children. That is on account of the fact that Tokyo has world class infrastructure, as well as very high standards of living. It also has a fairly large number of international schools comparable to the best in the world. 

Let us take a look at some of the best pre Kindergarten to grade 12 IB schools in Tokyo.

Pre Kindergarten to grade 12 IB schoo

Global Indian International School, Tokyo

Global Indian International School, Tokyo is one of the leading international schools in the region. Run by a globally renowned chain of international schools it boasts four world class campuses replete with a slew of facilities and amenities that help provide world class holistic education comprising academics and a range of extra curricular activities. The school offers its students access to some of the best curricula in the world including Global Montessori Plus, IB Primary Years, Cambridge CLSP, Cambridge IGCSE, IB Diploma, IBDP Bridge programme and CBSE.

The school has a terrific track record with regard to its academic track record as well as the ability of its students to obtain admission to some of the best colleges and universities in the world. It’s not for nothing that GIIS Tokyo is amongst the most popular international schools amongst expats from around the world living in Japan.

Seisen International School, Tokyo

Seisen International School, Tokyo is one of the best known pre Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools in the region. It offers the full suite of the International Baccalaureate programme including IB Primary Years, IB Middle Years and IB Diploma programme. 

Being a catholic school, Seisen International School places great stress on inculcating the right kind of values in its students. At the same time, the school ensures that every child imbibes leadership qualities and becomes very international in his or her outlook.

The school provides every conceivable facility and amenity to its students, ensuring that they excel not just at academics, but a range of extracurricular activities as well. This turns every student of theirs into a confident and mature individual capable of excelling at whatever they take up in life. 

It is not surprising to discover that the school has an outstanding track record when it comes to academics and obtaining admission to some of the best colleges and universities in the world. No wonder, expats consider this school the right choice when it comes to choosing an educational institution for their child or children.

Canadian International School, Tokyo

Canadian International School, Tokyo is one of the leading international K to 12 schools in the Japanese capital. It follows both the International Baccalaureate and Canadian curricula making it a truly international school catering to the educational needs of the children of expats living in  Japan. Everything about the school from its cutting edge infrastructure to its teachers is in accordance with the highest international standards.

The students at CIS, Tokyo receive a fully holistic education that exposes them to academics as well as a range of extracurricular activities. It is not surprising that its students grow into confident and capable individuals who invariably do very well in life. This is reflected not just in their academic results, but also in their track record with regard to obtaining admission to the best colleges and universities across the world. 

These include Boston University, George Washington University and Pennsylvania State University in the US; McGill University, Queen’s University and University of Alberta in Canada; and American University of Paris, Maastricht University, and University of Copenhagen in Europe.



The pre Kindergarten to grade 12 international schools of Tokyo are some of the finest educational institutions for students of school going age anywhere. Run by some of the premier school chains from around the world, they do a great job of providing world class 21st century education to children of the expat communities living in Japan.

Receiving one’s schooling in Tokyo is a life changing experience for an individual as one gets exposed to the best of Western pedagogy and the traditional Japanese values of hard work, sincerity and excellence. The 21st century is expected to belong to the Asia Pacific region. 

One could, therefore, consider the expat students studying at the best Tokyo international schools lucky in the sense that they would have imbibed the values and traits that will be in great demand in the 21st century.

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