10 red hot tips to pick the best VR and AR courses

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are disruptive technologies that are completely reinventing the way we experience digital content and information. The line is blurred between the real and digital worlds in an immersion, allowing for many new and fascinating opportunities in all industries. From thrilling gaming that puts you in the shoes of characters in a story world to vital training sims that can replicate the same life scenarios, the potential use cases are mind-blowing. Thus, choosing the best virtual reality and augmented reality courses is critical to take advantage of these opportunities. But with so many choices, how do you choose the best VR or AR course that is suitable for your goals?

Define your goals – What’s your dream?

Dive into your search results? Not so fast! Step back and give serious thought to your goals. Do you hope to develop killer VR games and applications? Or plan to explore AR in employee training or product design? Formalizing your objectives is key. It’ll shape your course options and find the perfect fit.

Explore the course content – Is it a match?

All right, you have an idea of what you need to achieve. Now you have to narrow down a bunch of course curriculums and syllabuses. When you review them, search for programs that lead straight to your goals. If you want to create awesome VR worlds, you will have to take classes on 3D modeling, interaction design, and engine integration.

Vet the instructors – True gurus?

The most detailed course content won’t get you very far, without some top-quality instructors at the other end. After all, it’s experts in the field who will be guiding your journey. Take a bit of time to investigate the bios and backgrounds of the teaching crew. You really want instructors who have real-world experience shipping VR and AR products. A professor with deep academic credentials plus plenty of time in the trenches? That’s a total win. Often you’ll find reviews and testimonials online from previous students. If they’re through the roof, you’re likely onto a winner.

Check the tech stack – Ahead of the game?

It is very important to know that in the world of VR and AR, technology becomes irrelevant very quickly. Before you sign up, make sure to do a deep dive into the course’s equipment, software, and hardware. The most advanced ones will be equipped with recent dev kits, frameworks, and engines such as Unity, Unreal, ARCore, or ARKit. So, you will actually be working with the very latest that the industry itself is using. 

Look for hands-on learning – Action time!

On the note of first-hand experience, developing your own VR and AR prototypes should be a staple of any course on the subject. While listening to lectures and absorbing theory is crucial, nothing beats hands-on experience creating your own projects. The top programs will have you making real applications and experiences in no time and developing practical skills at a rapid pace through a cyclical method of creating, testing, and refining. Beyond that, working on projects or client briefs that meet industry standards is a miracle.

Explore project support – No student left behind

Sometimes even the most excellent vr ar learning is quite a lot to take in. When things get hard, you’ll want a ton of support systems to rely on. Throughout your research into programs, take note of what kinds of resources are available to you if you need help. Mentors, tutors, discussion forums, online communities: they’re all literally lifesavers. What is the most crucial indicator of a top course? Instructors who are super accessible and responsive and constantly seem to be there for you.

Size up the workload – No overloads!

Some VR and AR courses are insanely intense, jumping from module to assignment to project. While you want to feel the pain and grind, this endless treadmill can leave you feeling burned out and a loser. While you’re weighing out your options, check how hard and for how long you will have to work. Is it a super-hard only 9-5 course or more of a leisurely effort over the course. Homework assignments, the load and scope of your project, you don’t want to settle and get trashed nightly.

Scout out career prep – Line up that dream job!

But if it’s for you and there’s no difference in opinion, the next point to consider is leveling up in your work. Check what types of job hunting and career support each program offers. The cream of the crop will offer resume guidance, portfolio reviews, interview prep, networking events, and access to a hot job board. Some even rate job placement or provide recruitment assistance. In the end, you want to know and even a clear path from a complete course to a sick gig in the industry.

Check the success stories – Proven results?

As you’re scoping out career prep, be sure to check out each course’s list of Success stories and graduate showcases, too, for a powerful sense of the real-world results students are achieving. Success stories from grads who’ve nabbed roles at major tech companies, or better still, launched their own lucrative startups? That’s the good stuff—we call it social proof. Another reason to take the bait. However. . . embellished claims or suspiciously slim case studies are still suspect. I’d be particularly wary if any courses seem light on concrete success metrics.

Find the right fit for you – Listen to your gut!

Last but most importantly: trust your gut. After considering all of the factors listed above, your final decision might ultimately be dictated by which option feels right. Is there a particular course structure or specialty that just feels like it is the right choice for you? Or does a program’s general atmosphere and teaching style just sit with you better than the rest? Listen to that gut feeling. If a VR or AR course “speaks to you” without you being able to pinpoint why, pay attention to this feeling!


Follow the 10 must-know tips given above and you are virtually guaranteed to find a world-class VR or AR course (see what I did there??) in no time. As per TREZI, With these cutting-edge skills, you have incredible career opportunities at arm’s length. The future of this rapidly expanding tech field is yours for the taking. So what are you waiting for? Your ultra-realistic or immersively augmented dreams are just a few taps away.

Michelle Butler

Michelle Butler

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