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Newborn Bliss Delivered: Explore the Top Online Baby Gifts in Singapore

Delve into a world of adorable and thoughtful newborn baby gifts that will make your moments memorable. In this guide, we’ll explore the top online baby gift options in Singapore. Whether you are searching for something stylish, classical, or just offering your care, this blog has got you all covered. Join us as we are going to deliver the perfect newborn bliss to you.

Lovingly Signed

Situated in the heart of Singapore, Lovingly Signed presents an exquisite variety of newborn baby gifts to make a wonderful gift for your occasion. With a touch of personalization, make your gifts truly unique. Whether it’s baby shower, first birthday, or first day of school, Lovingly Signed has a beautiful collection that fits every occasion. So, hop over to the website and grab your favorite deals today!

Personalized Polka Dot Blanket:

Polka dots are everyone’s favorite trend! Elevate your baby’s bedroom in a wonderful way with this Personalized Polka Dot Blanket. The blanket is made of utterly soft knit so it keeps your baby warm and cozy to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. Choose a pretty thread color and personalize your baby’s name on the blanket to make it more thoughtful for the entire family.

Personalized Jeanne the Goose Doudou:

Provide the ultimate comfort with Jeanne the Goose! Dressed in a gorgeous blue and white polka dot dress, the comforter is cuddly as always. Present this to any little one and let the two best friends stay together forever. This soft and squishy comforter can be a hug partner, a cuddle companion, a playtime partner, and what not! This lovely comforter makes an ideal gift for any newborn or young child.

Personalized Luxury Hooded Towel with Ears:

Snuggle your baby in warmth in this Luxurious Hooded Towel after a bath. It is fluffy and soft yet super absorbing at the same time. The tiny ears on the hood make it more adorable in appearance. Your little one will definitely look cute wrapped and cuddled in this luxurious towel. Personalize it with their name for an extra charm. 

Sophie La Giraffe Teether:

The Sophie la Giraffe teether makes teething process fun for the little ones. Perfect for any teething baby, it is an adorable toy to help ease the teething gums. With engraved texture, it is a lot easy to chew. Also, the teether is made of safe materials. The lightweight teether is easy to hold by little hands. 

Luxury Bunny Bath Mitt:

This Luxurious Bunny Bath Mitt joins your little one at bath time. The silky soft feel and premium material of the bath mitt make bath time a lot more enjoyable for your baby. Since it is disguised as a boy, it can be made a hand puppet to cheer up the baby. What’s more adorable than two cute pals enjoying bath time?

Jellycat Animals:

Of course, the Jellycat animals have got everyone’s hearts. There’s a lot to love about them. They are soft, cute, a loyal friend to our juniors, snuggly in nature, and a lot more! The Jellycat Bashful Bunny is the show-stopper at every gift store. Get different Jellycat Animals like a dino, elephant, kitten, fox, and koala for your baby and level up the plush toy collections. 


Finding the perfect newborn baby gift is a joyous experience, especially with the range of options available on Lovingly Signed. From practical nursery items to sentimental keepsakes, they have something for every taste and personality. Providing the perfect gift for your little bundle of joy, Lovingly Signed makes the arrival of your wee one even more special.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1.What are some popular newborn baby gift options in Singapore?

Popular newborn baby gift options in Singapore are gift hampers, clothing, blankets, towels, robes, toys, and storybooks. 

Q2.How can I ensure for safety of my baby with a newborn baby gift?

When choosing a baby gift, consider the baby’s age, safety standards, and the preferences of the recipients. Choose the gifts that are made of safe, non-toxic materials and pass the safety standards. 

Q3.Are there eco-friendly baby gifts available online?

Yes, you can shop for different eco-friendly baby gifts online like organic clothes, wooden toys, and sustainable baby care items. These items are safe for the environment as well as the baby.

Q4.Can I personalize a newborn baby gift?

Yes, many stores like Lovingly Signed offer the facility to personalize your gifts such as embroidering your baby’s name on the clothes, blankets, and other items. These add an additional unique touch to your presents. 

Q5.How long does it take to deliver a newborn baby gift set?

Delivery time varies and depends on retailer. It’s best to know about the delivery time of a store before placing an order.

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