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Power windows were introduced in cars in the early 19th century, but they were only used in very fancy cars. However, they became popular and soon became standard in all cars as they were easier to use than manual windows. 

A power window has different parts, like a battery, switch, gears, and motors. All these parts need to function properly for the window to work right. If none of them work, the window won’t go up or down like it should. 

Check the safety lock and blockage if your power window is not working as it should. Ensure it is working properly by removing any physical obstructions. You must also check the electric circuit using the car dashboard lights. If they are working properly, try restarting the car. 

If none of these tips help, you may need professional assistance. The experts at Blue Diamond Auto Glass can help you repair your auto power window at an affordable price. 

Expert Solutions for Auto Power Window Repair

Here are some tips that can help you resolve the problem. 

Inspect the Safety Lock and Blockage

If your window isn’t working right, it might be because the safety locks are on or something is blocking it. 

To fix it, first, see if the child lock is on. 

Turn it off and check if the window works. 

Then, look closely at the window and remove anything that might be stopping it from working.

Check the Blown Circuit

Sometimes, the issue isn’t just with the window but with the car’s whole electrical system. After ensuring nothing is blocking the window, the next effective way for auto window repair is to check the car’s electrical system. A simple way to do this is by looking at the dashboard lights. If the lights are on and don’t show any problems, then the car’s electrical system is okay.

Try Restarting the Car

Just like you try restarting your phones or any other electronic gadget when they show signs of error, try restarting your car. Doing this can restart the car’s computer and electronics, which might fix any problem stopping the window from closing.

Strike the Door

Another way of power window repair is to hit the door like you would if you were slamming it. Use your hand to hit the middle of the outside of the car door. Do this three or four times, then try to roll up the window. Don’t use any tools because they can scratch the paint or the outside of the car.

The Manual Method

If you have basic mechanical know-how of automobiles, you can try fixing your car’s power windows like this.

  • First, take off the door panel by unscrewing the screws. There are usually five screws. Once you remove the panel, you can get to the power window system.
  • Now, find the clips holding the window’s moving part. Unscrew them to lower the window.
  • Locate the motor on the panel’s right side. Figure out what’s wrong with it and fix it so the window works again.

If the window has serious problems, you might need help from a professional. Put all the parts back and go to an auto glass repair store for help.


To sum it up, power window repair is a job for the experts. However, there are certain tips and tricks you can use to make it work perfectly again. 

Check the safety lock and remove any physical obstructions. You should also inspect the blow circuit and try restarting the car. If this does not help, strike the car door in the abovementioned way!

To manually fix the power window, you need the mechanical know-how of automobiles. If you find the process overwhelming or are not confident enough to do it yourself. It is best to seek professional help. 

The experts at Blue Diamond Auto Glass can help you replace or repair the auto power window. Their technicians are highly qualified and well-experienced in fixing various auto glass issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my power windows last longer?

To make your power windows last longer, avoid pressing the buttons excessively. You must use them to lower your window when you need fresh air or to do any other job, but raise it again once you’re done, and only use the power buttons when needed.

Why do power windows fail?

The damage can happen for various reasons, such as water damage, rust, or if the wires get damaged from getting squished. When the wires break, the electricity can’t move right, so the windows won’t work.

How do you lubricate power windows?

You can lubricate power windows by applying silicone-based lubricant to the window tracks and rollers.

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