Finding your perfect home in Maharashtra: A Comprehensive Guide

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House hunting is a tiring task for many. But with the right support and services, you can always get your hands on your dream home. Are you looking for a 2bhk in Ghatkopar East? Are you aware of the factors that you should keep in mind while you are on the hunt for your ideal home?

 In this article, we will dive deep into the various factors that we should keep in mind while looking for our perfect home. 

  1. Start saving today!

Building or buying a home takes up a fortune of your savings. If you have always had a plan to buy one, you should start saving your money. The earlier, the better. You also can avail loans from banks with fixed interest rates. But it’s always better to have some sort of savings with you. Proper savings bring you sophistication, comfort, and luxury if that’s what you are looking for. 

  1. Understand your purpose

While planning for your future home, you must always plan a few things in prior. One such factor is your requirements and purpose. Ask yourself questions on how much space you need, the number of rooms, and bathrooms, whether you need a balcony, whether is it a house with a courtyard or an apartment that you are looking for, etc. You should know the why factor of your investments. As said, the size of your family should be your number one concern. 

  1. Set a budget

Setting a budget is extremely important. This prevents unnecessary expenses. You don’t want to waste your money on things that you don’t want. The house you are planning to purchase should fit your budget and importantly, your needs. Remember, your house is an investment for a lifetime. Before moving into your new home, or even at the stage of planning, you must all the upcoming expenses you will face, including groceries, fuel, water, electricity, maintenance, and mortgages. Considering you’re planning to buy a 3bhk in Ghatkopar East since it’s in Mumbai and is one of the sought-after places, planning and researching things prior is always an added advantage.  

  • Mold yourself into a researcher

Research is key. Taking a closer look at everything related to the building is essential. Suppose you have reduced the potential number of properties and now you have a properly minimized list, you must enquire about the apartment or property in detail. You can enquire about the property in detail with the neighbors or previous owners if there are any. Ask questions related to the area like how long the house has been on the market, price changes, mortgages, etc., especially the neighborhood. Whether the contemporary apartments are well known, their features, families and working professionals, etc. 

A non-biased opinion is important while looking for your ideal home. Bring a friend or a close family member and make them inspect the home for you. They could help you with the value of the particular property that you are looking for, provided that they are experienced in this field. Or you can hire a home inspector. It is always better to know everything that you can know about the house much earlier. This saves your bucks!

  • Bigger or better?

No big houses are better. What always matters I your need and not how huge your home is. Whether it’s a mansion or a 1bhk apartment, does it cater to your needs? That’s what’s important. Now that you get to choose between 1bhk to 4bhk or more, villas and massive mansions, it is you who should make the call. 

  • Do you need an agent?

Many people tend to choose ready-to-move homes these days. You can always hire an expert who can guide you through all the stages of building a home. House hunting is a risky and tiring job. Hiring yourself a realtor makes your job a lot easier. What does this cost the buyer? Nothing. Commissions are taken by these realtors from the sellers.  They can also show you various other properties as this ensures that you don’t miss out on potential properties. Proper communication with the realtor can help you save time and money. You don’t have to waste your time looking for properties that are out of your budget and comfort. 

  • Choosing the right location

Another key factor in house hunting is choosing a prime location. Why are locations important? Locations are prime factors when it comes to access to basic amenities, especially during emergencies.  Access to roads, offices, hospitals, banks, ATMs, shopping complexes, entertainment options, food corners, or restaurants and schools from your apartment is important. Similarly, the lifestyle of the people in the location can also break or make it for some. This can determine the expense the place can bring in all the aspects. The right location can enhance your living. 


Remember that not every home you visit in this journey will be ideal. It might feel crucial to try to picture yourself living there, especially when it comes to submitting your offer. Ask yourself questions. Do you see yourself cooking in its kitchen? Do you see this space turning into your home? You can always make adjustments and changes in your apartment to shift it according to your needs. This helps you to add a unique touch to your space and personalize it accordingly. Also, always aim for the long run. Do you see yourself living here in the long run? Or is it just what suits your needs at the moment? Shouldn’t you at least live in it for 7 to 10 years? 

Maharashtra, especially Mumbai is a prime location for apartments. With celebrities, businessmen, and other superior faces ruling the city, finding a home that suits your needs, requires time, effort, and energy. Whether it’s a 2bhk at Majiwada Junction or any other place in Maharashtra, proper planning and assistance are extremely important for you to make the right choice. 

Start saving and begin hunting for your dream home today!

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Michelle Butler

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