How Do You Compare Montessori Instruction To A Traditional Teaching Method?

If you have young children of school-going age, you probably have been trying to find the best curriculum plan for them. Luckily, the education system has grown a lot in the past few years, and there are multiple options available to cater to your vision. One such teaching methodology and curriculum plan that parents trust the most is Montessori. It is a modern-day strategy in which the educators plan different engaging activities to teach various concepts and let the children choose what they want to learn. 

You can find countless options for an international preschool in Singapore following this teaching methodology and helping children design a fruitful career. However, if the concept is new to you, you might wonder how and why it is better than the traditional teaching method. Therefore, let us draw a fair comparison between the two and try to find an answer for this. 


Comparison Between Montessori And Traditional Teaching Method

School Environment

A traditional school environment is more focused and monotonous. Children will be sitting behind the closed walls, keeping their eyes glued to the blackboard. There will be no freedom of what and how a child wants to learn, as the teacher would only teach the traditional way.

At the same time, a Montessori has a fun environment where educators use engaging activities to make the children understand the challenging concepts. As a result, there is no monotony in the classrooms. Moreover, the children choose to learn or indulge in the teaching activity of their choice. 

Holistic Growth

No matter how much the traditional schools try to create a balance, they cannot ensure the holistic growth of a child due to the pressure of getting good grades. Moreover, if a child solely wants to indulge in sports, he would not get the liberty to take it full time. 

However, the Montessori schools emphasize providing equal opportunities for academics, sports, fine arts, and every other field of learning. As your child grows, he can enjoy separate sports clubs and societies to help children take their skills to another level. 

Credibility Factor

Market Reputation directly signifies whether the parents trust a particular teaching methodology or not. Gone are the days when parents would prefer putting their children in a stricter environment where academics were the only focus. They realize it hinders their mental and intellectual growth, so it has become a thing of the past. 

These days, Montessori is everyone’s preference, as it offers their child an environment where they can excel! In addition, their focus on overall development helps build strong personalities and instil life-saving skills in children that help them in their personal and professional life. 

Global Familiarity

Call it the rejection from parents or the changing educational dynamics, traditional teaching methodologies do not have global recognition anymore. The international schools and universities do not entertain the local boards. So, it limits the career options. 

At the same time, Montessori is a universally recognized and renowned teaching methodology that every school worldwide accepts. The sturdy foundation that it sets for academics and personality development proves fruitful as the child grows and helps them in their professional career. So, every university relates to this fact and always prefers the Montessori kids over others. 

There are multiple other factors which a Montessori school proves to be a better choice than the traditional classroom training. It would be fair to say that a parent should always opt for this modern-day method to begin their child’s educational journey. The only thing one needs to be careful about is choosing the right school with a proven track record and excellent credibility. Do thorough research, explore multiple options and finalize a school you feel would be apt for your child.

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