What is MMID? Everything you need to Know with Special Focus on Bajaj Pay UPI

In recent years, the surge in online banking transactions has prompted financial institutions globally to introduce new, user-friendly technologies. Whether you want to make transfers, pay bills, or buy groceries online, advanced banking facilities have reshaped the conventional notion of financial transactions. 

One such technology-driven facility is MMID or Mobile Money Identifier. But what is MMID? This digitized banking solution has revolutionized the way we transact today.

MMID: A Comprehensive Overview

MMID is a unique 7-digit number issued by banks for the facilitation of mobile banking transactions. This number is associated with a customer’s bank account and is issued once the customer opts for mobile banking services. MMID is a critical component of the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), an innovative real-time interbank electronic fund transfer system in India. It provides customers with a quick and secure method of transferring funds round-the-clock, using nothing more than their mobile phones.

In addition to ensuring seamless transactions, the use of MMID eliminates the need to share sensitive bank account details with third parties. Each MMID is unique to a specific bank account, ensuring utmost security and personalization. Consequently, to transfer funds, all you need is the recipient’s mobile number and their MMID.

MMID: How it Works

The process of obtaining an MMID is quite straightforward. Bank customers can use their bank’s mobile banking app or net banking facility, or they can visit their bank physically. Once the MMID is received, it can be shared with anyone who intends to transfer funds to your account. Transactions can be carried out round-the-clock, barring the hassle of bank working hours.

Using MMID, funds can be transferred immediately. All you have to do is to log in to your mobile banking app, choose the IMPS option, add the recipient’s mobile number, their MMID, and the required amount. Finally, authorize the transaction using your Mobile Personal Identification Number (mPIN).

MMID: A Key Player in Mobile Banking Solutions

Mobile banking solutions like MMID have indeed changed the landscape of financial transactions. They offer an immense level of convenience and time-efficiency. On top of that, the comprehensive security mechanisms built around these solutions make them even more appealing to users.

Bajaj Pay UPI: Leveraging MMID for Easy Transactions

The rise of Unified Payments Interface (UPI), the brainchild of the National Payments Corporation of India, has made it even easier to transact. Bajaj Pay UPI is a superb example of this. With this platform, there’s no need to remember complicated bank account numbers or the IFSC code; all you need are UPI ID and MMID. Additionally, every transaction generates a unique UPI reference number, which ensures easy tracking and verification of your payments.

Bajaj Pay UPI, a brilliant blend of innovation and security, provides features like one-click transactions and instant notifications. It merges the simplicity of MMID and the convenience of UPI, offering an advanced, user-friendly interface for carrying out transactions.


Whether it’s the revolutionary MMID or the convenience of digital platforms like Bajaj Pay UPI, the finance landscape has transformed tremendously. These systems are not only cost-effective and time-saving but also ensure the highest level of security during transactions, keeping customers’ information confidential and safe. So, if you haven’t yet opted into these digital finance solutions, it’s high time for a tech-forward financial leap.

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