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5 Do’s And Don’ts In Designing Custom Pizza Slice Boxes

Everyone across the world loves to eat pizza. Cultural Globalization also brought a revolution in traditional food. In the correspondence, the competition is remarkably going at a faster pace. In this scenario, startup pizza businesses can also get recognition by utilizing custom pizza slice boxes.

People may order the food at home to enjoy the fresh pizza with their friends and family. They may also bring their leftover pizza slices with them. Delivery and takeaway have made custom packaging popular.

 Your competitors are growing so much that you had to look for this article. Because there are certain common mistakes that businesses and even you could be doing. In this discussion, you will not only acknowledge your do’s but be able to fix these errors.  

Do’s While Customization:

 You have learned about the basic mistakes. Now, Here are the tips which you should do:

Premium Quality Durable Material:

Always pick a durable and sturdy material for a pizza slice containers. The box should be robust enough to keep the pizza slice host and resist humidity and dust. In this regard, you can opt for corrugated or cardboard material for custom pizza slice packaging.

A Right Size:

Always customize your pizza slice box in an appropriate shape and size; the packaging should not be too big or too small.  An eight-inch box is best if a slice is six inches long.

Well-developed packaging:

Try to create a well-designed container. Choose an elegant color design for your triangle pizza box with only one artwork. Try to avoid copying format, design, and colors from other brands.

Font Size:

Whenever you’re printing something, never try to go for tiny fonts. Always bold your logo. There should be a sufficient gap between words. Fonts should not overlap with each other. 

Ensuring Sustainability:

Kraft material is well recognized sustainable material. It is also available at more affordable price. A glad tiding is that this is also a durable material. You can also go for such packaging for eco-conscious customers.

Don’ts Of Triangular Pizza Box:

Here are the things that you should never do while ordering from pizza slice packaging:

Use Of Low-Quality Material:

The quality of material in packaging matters a lot, especially for food items. Customers want to enjoy pizza that is entirely fresh and hot. No one likes to eat cold fast food. As a startup, businesses do not want to spend on premium quality Custom pizza slice packaging boxes. This is the primary mistake they make. 

Ordering A Poorly-Fitted Box:

Sometimes, pizza shop owners use a fit triangle packaging to keep the slices inside. Genuinely speaking, it never gives a delightful experience to the customers. It exerts pressure on the pizza pieces. Subsequently, customers do not get the pizza in sound condition. 

Over-Designed Packaging: 

Customization of boxes offers incorporating unique designs on boxes. Pizza-producing industries try to make an appealing design. However, in the process of creating well-designed container, they end up manufacturing over-designed boxes. Such kind of packaging does not look pleasant at all. 

Using Small Fonts: 

You can exploit different customization options from wholesale custom pizza slice boxes. You can even list the details of the product on the packaging. Further, you can also print your pizza shop’s details, such as location or social media accounts. 

Pizza industries often print in small fonts. Customers find it hard to read. Thus, they ignore it.

Neglecting Sustainability: 

People are concerned about climate change. Due to the growing awareness, they try their best not to harm the ecosystem. Despite that, pizza shop owners do not care about this. They pick undegradable materials for Pizza wedge boxes. This negatively impacts their reputation among customers. 


The article has highlighted businesses’ common mistakes in designing custom pizza slice boxes. It includes manufacturing boxes with low-quality material, choosing a poor size, and overdesigning their boxes. 

They may also use small fonts and unsustainable materials for packaging. To overcome these mistakes, the article also discusses the Do’s while ordering from pizza slice boxes wholesale.

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