All You Need To Know About Custom Printed Pyramid Boxes

Stop looking for expensive ways to increase the market value of your product. You definitely have seen that many brands are using social media campaigns, influencers. Other digital media platforms to promote themselves brands and sell their products. However, you can do so just by using custom printed pyramid boxes. 

Many packaging industries have made it easy for brands to pack their product in the most unique and eye-catchy packaging without spending a large sum of money. One such types of packaging are pyramid boxes. 

You can use many types of eco-friendly raw materials to manufacture custom pyramid packaging. Not only this if you are determined to give your customers an entirely sustainable packaging then you can use eco-friendly coatings and inks to design the boxes. 

What Are Custom Printed Pyramid Boxes?

Pyramid packaging, as the name indicates, resembles Egyptian pyramids and adds a sense of royalty to your product. These boxes can significantly enhance the appeal of your product. The compact size of these boxes makes them the best choice to pack small and fragile items. 

Below we will learn about the detail of pyramid packaging and what are the available options to design them. 


For your custom pyramid boxes design the main thing that is of high importance is the material. If the material will be of high quality the design will be easy and vice versa. Quality material with high durability will keep all types of products in the best condition. 

For your pyramid packaging, you can use two types of material: 

  • Plastic 
  • Paper-based material 

In the market, you can find all types of material easily. If you are using a plastic material to manufacture a box then you can obviously give premium protection to your product but at the cost of damaging your environment. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a paper-based packaging material then you can find three main types of material for your wholesale custom boxes. You can use Kraft for a 100 % climate-friendly option. Furthermore, you can also use corrugated and cardstock material to create an ideal box for your fragile products. 

Printing Methods 

In custom packaging can you even think of a box without printing? Certainly, printing can never be neglected if the aim of the packaging is to give uniqueness to the product. You can find different types of printings to design your boxes. Some of them are: 

  • Offset printing 
  • Digital printing 
  • Screen printing 

Offset printing is an ideal option when you have to print your boxes with complex artwork with multiple colors. Custom printed pyramid boxes will look high quality with offset printings. Sometimes companies want to pack their product with minimalistic designed packaging, in this case, the screen and digital printing both are perfect to use. 


Like we have different options for packaging material and printing, in the same way, you can get a lot of custom colors to design your packaging. Colors must be of high quality to increase the worth of the packaging. A high-quality color will show that the packed product also holds value. 

Technology has advanced a lot and now you can find eco-friendly options for colors too. In the packaging industry two classes of color are used, namely: 

  • Petroleum-based colors 
  • Organic colors 

Petroleum-based colors give the best shades and are very high in quality. Nonetheless, these colors may contain toxins. On the other hand, if you have the policy to use custom pyramid packaging with sustainable features then you can use organic colors like soy and water colors. 

Coating Options 

Today manufacturing every good is quite expensive. The raw material, manufacturing cost, and labor to manufacture the product all are highly costly. Due to this reason, companies do not want their product to spoil and not to get a negative remarks about their brand.

For this coatings are widely used in custom packaging. These coatings provide protection from moisture and other harmful factors. Coatings are also availed in two options such as eco-friendly and synthetic coatings. For a synthetic coating option, you can use matt and UV lamination on the boxes. And if you are looking for a sustainable option then varnishes are an ideal choice for you.  

How You Can Select The Best Material For Your Pyramid Boxes? 

You have learned about a lot of options regarding material, printing, coating, and colors for customized packaging. You may feel confused about what to choose for your wholesale custom boxes. The simple answer that can diminish your confusion is “Select an eco-friendly option”. 

The reason for this is that people are now fully aware of the repercussion of man-made activities and products on climate change. When you will pack your products in eco-friendly packaging you will show your customers your care for the climate. Consequently, your product will become high in demand. 

Final words!

Custom printed pyramid boxes will help you get the best protection for your product. You can make these boxes using different types of material such as paper-based or plastic material. In the same way, there are different types of printings and coatings also available to give you a large variety for your boxes. You can also use packaging designed with organic colors to keep the climate safe. 

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