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An Introduction To custom Fast Food Packaging Boxes 

Fast food is a common cuisine around the globe. The reason for its popularity is that fast food is convenient and does not need the labor that usually requires to make food. If you are running a fast-food restaurant and want to serve food sizzling hot then get fast food packaging boxes. 

As it is necessary to prevent the contamination of food with microbes therefore the quality of packaging must be high. The packaging material must not let the contaminants enter the box, so your product remains hygienic. 

With fast food boxes, the presentation, as well as the protection of the product, becomes possible. Besides this, by designating the boxes with appropriate colors and printing methods you can increase the appeal of your product. 

In this article, we will learn about fast food packaging and what are their different types. 

Maintain Food Quality

A fast food packing box helps to maintain the quality of the food. If you are serving the best food then you must want to preserve its quality. During transit, due to joggling, unfavorable temperature, dust, microbes, etc. affect the food. However, with appropriate food packaging, you can retain food quality. 

People prefer fast food sizzling hot and packaging plays an important role to maintain food temperature. That is why most restaurants use sturdy materials like E-fluted corrugated paper to manufacture boxes for fast food. 

Prevent Food Contamination 

Food products are liable to microbial attacks because it provides the best breeding ground for microbes. Contaminated food is unfit for human consumption. If your food product contains microbes the health of the consumers is at stake, ultimately your brand name too. 

You can use custom fast food packaging box to prevent food contamination. A befitting box manufactured with a quality material will prevent any microbial contamination and help you to get a better place in the market. 

Heat Resistant 

Sometimes people purchase fast food to consume later. In such a scenario, the heat-resistant nature of packaging is necessary. Such packaging will facilitate consumers to heat the food without any hassle. 

To ensure this ease, most companies pack their fast food in custom fast food boxes made from heat-resistant wax-coated cardboard. This material is the most suitable for food packaging, due to its durability as well as heat-resistant nature. 

Food-Grade And Eco-Friendly 

A food-grade material is the best option to make fast food packaging. This material does not contain any toxins that may leach into the food product. The heat and steam from the food product may cause the leaching of heavy metals from packaging such as from plastic packaging. 

To avoid this, now companies pack their fast into paper-based boxes. These boxes do not contain any synthetic material lethal to human health. Some of the popular food-grade materials are corrugated, cardstock, and Kraft. 

Different Types Of Fast Food Packaging

As we have aptly understood the purpose or feature of fast food boxes wholesale. Now we will discuss some of the common types of fast food packaging, such as: 

  • Food tray 

When customers want to enjoy their meal in the restaurants, they get their food into fast food trays. These trays are made from different types of paper-based materials. Their sole purpose is to present the serving of the food. You can promote your brand using fast food trays by adding your brand’s logo. 

  • Chinese food boxes 

Chinese food is a bit different from regular fast food. To pack it a different type of packaging is required which is also called an oyster pail. These boxes are also made from paper-based material, which is usually cardboard. 

  • Fish and Chips boxes 

To pack fish and chips durable custom fast food packaging is required. A mailer box and a flip-top box are usually used to pack fish and chips. 

  • Laminated Sandwich Bags

Another go-to meal is a sandwich. Its covenant and handy so widely consumed. A sandwich bag made from art paper is used to pack the product. These bags contain a PVC-covered window that gives a sneak peek of the product. 


Fast food packaging boxes have multiple purposes such as preservation of the food, prevention of contamination, presentation, etc. There are several types of boxes available to pack different fast foods. A paper-based material is an excellent choice to make food boxes. 

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