6 ways to use luxury Rigid boxes for brands’ advertisement?

Rigid boxes are an excellent way to preserve your high-end wallets from many types of harm. They are made of the most sturdy cardboard and are laminated with moisture-resistant protective coatings. They are adaptable in terms of modification and can be shaped in a variety of ways. On demand, they can be customized in terms of shape, size, style, design, and printing. Metal foil stamping, various coatings, die-cut shapes, and embossed and debossed printing can all be used to enhance them. These luxury printed rigid boxes can be customized to be as eye-catching as desired, making them an excellent packaging option for gifting wallets to your loved ones.

How to use packaging as a marketing tool

Packaging is an important tool of a successful shipping plan. You’ll pay the price in product damage, wasted materials, and lost sales if you choose the wrong supplies. However, if you choose the correct materials, you can protect your products, save money on shipping, and amaze your consumers. But packing can help you in other ways as well. Consider those materials as blank canvases on which you may build something unique to help you stand out from the crowd. Packaging, particularly personalized packaging, is an excellent marketing tool that should not be ignored.


  • Use strategies like holiday themed or events

After a while, the same bespoke packaging can become repetitive. Customers who have become immune to your packaging may also become numb to your marketing efforts. Creating variety in your branded packaging is a good strategy to keep customers interested. Remember that if money is tight, you might look into custom packaging tape and custom label rolls. Seasonal packaging elicits excitement and develops customer expectation as customers anticipate specific colors, designs, and promotional offers. Holiday packaging can help you build brand loyalty by creating printed rigid boxes and establishing your place in a specific holiday. Customer-specific packaging demonstrates that you’re paying attention and impresses the customer with your custom rigid boxes.


  • Promotional gifts

Customers like a positive unboxing experience. Colors, textures, and small details go a long way toward making people feel valued. So, while they expect to be wowed, they aren’t necessarily expecting to be compensated. This is where including promotional features in your rigid boxes may be really beneficial. Customers may feel clever for discovering coupon codes placed on the inside of shipment packaging. You can even personalize them according to the transaction, the consumer, or even the package. They’re an excellent way to keep track of where your sales come from. Customers might look for contest components such as puzzles, games, and tips buried on your package.

Go for minimalistic approach

Following a minimalist approach is an excellent strategy to reduce the cost of purse boxes while still making them practical for customers. Extra inserts in the luxury printed rigid  boxes may appear costly, but they aren’t necessary because the wallet isn’t a fragile object that would be destroyed or damaged if it were to fall out of its placeholders. These inserts, on the other hand, will increase the cost of manufacture, making them a more expensive packaging alternative for clients. Aside from styling, they can maintain their designs basic and elegant by limiting the number of designs and information printed on them. It will save the time and money that would otherwise be spent on designing and printing their designs.

Adding handles will change the look

Customers desire packaging that is handy for them and corresponds to their on-the-go lifestyles. Customers will appreciate the convenience of having supportive grips on top of their custom boxes wholesale. It will improve their portability and make them easier to handle. They may be transported anywhere without the use of additional shopping bags or purses. Additionally, they give buyers the idea that you pay attention to even the smallest details on your package, which will assist your brand. These handles come in a variety of materials and might help to improve the aesthetic of the boxes.

Environment friendly

Recyclable materials are the most cost-effective way to produce custom rigid boxes. Due to their recyclable and reusable qualities, materials like cardboard and kraft are relatively inexpensive. They are exceptionally long-lasting and produce the highest-quality boxes. Furthermore, buyers adore sustainable packaging because it is efficient in minimizing environmental waste while also keeping the environment greener and healthier. As a result, having recyclable boxes will not only save you money but will also help you establish a reputation as an ecologically concerned company.

Sustainability and protection

When a user buys and/or receives a product, the packaging is frequently discarded. While this isn’t a long-term solution, custom packaging boxes can help a company’s environmental effect.

You can change more than just the appearance of a box. Additionally, businesses can choose the materials used in the packaging, ensuring that the product is constructed of materials that are environmentally friendly. Custom boxes are more likely to be thrown away than stock boxes. The buyer may like the design so much that they wish to keep it instead of throwing it away. The environmental impact of packing is reduced by using greener materials. When using bespoke packaging of printed rigid boxes, it’s much easier to specify exactly what goes into a shipment.


According to customers, packaging plays a crucial role in protecting products. Customers are never pleased when an item they ordered arrives broken or cracked, so any effort a company can make to minimize this is a smart investment. Although all types of packaging are designed to keep a product secure, luxury printed rigid boxes can offer even more protection than stock options. Some items are unusually shaped, oddly scaled, or fragile, necessitating extra padding. When they’re placed in a box designed specifically for them, they’re less likely to be damaged during transportation. When customers arrive, they will be pleased with the improved condition.

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