Choose the right subjects in IGCSE curriculum

Are you worried about your children’s future education? Are you finding it tough to determine the curriculum that is best for them? Don’t worry. Reputable educational institutes in Singapore offer an IGCSE curriculum for students aged 14-16. 

The two-year programme course offers 70 subjects in 30 different languages, and schools can pick which subjects to offer their students.

Various aspects are covered in the curriculum, like inquiry-based learning, application of knowledge, etc. Renowned institutions like GIIS approve their curriculum for their students. Here is a detailed explanation of what IGCSE is, its structure, and how it can benefit a student. So, without wasting time, let’s learn about it for your children’s betterment.

Structure of IGCSE curriculum

Students must take a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 14 subjects, including three compulsory subjects: Maths, English, and Science. Those who pass seven subjects will be given a certificate that is internationally approved (ICE).

There are five subject groups in the IGCSE curriculum, which are:

  • Group 1: Language
  • Group 2: social sciences and Humanities (Geography, and history)
  • Group 3: Sciences (Physics, chemistry, and biology)
  • Group 4:  All mathematics
  • Group 5: Technical, creative or vocational subject group (Accounting, music, business studies, computer studies, etc.)

How can IGCSE be helpful for your child?

There are numerous benefits to studying as per the IGCSE curriculum. Some of the benefits are listed below.

  • The curriculum provides a practical approach to learning. Students after class 7 admission can enjoy an unconventional study with different tests like oral, written, and physical.
  • With a balanced and flexible curriculum, all types of students can learn freely.
  • There are two levels in the curriculum. The core level is suited for all types of students. However, the advanced level suits those who want to specialise in further studies.
  • The curricula offer a vast skill list where your children can learn problem-solving, critical thinking, inquiry-based learning, etc.
  • By sharing a student’s application of knowledge, these curricula help to promote leadership skills among them.
  • The curricula provide innovative and interactive learning tools, which are one of the biggest benefits your children can enjoy from the curricula.
  • The schools that run this curriculum continuously upgrade the offering, leading to great satisfaction for the students, especially after completing class 7 admissions.

With such versatility, the schools that provide this international-level course become most students’ first choices. After knowing the benefits of studying with IGCSE, let’s learn about some aspects you must consider while choosing it.

Aspects before choosing IGCSE after class 7 admission

Here are a few aspects that you must consider before choosing this curriculum for your children’s further study.

  • How interested are your children in these particular subjects?
  • If your children don’t consider a particular subject, can it be reflected in their future education?
  • What will happen if you don’t take a certain subject for your career path?
  • Have your children selected a balanced spread of subjects to showcase their strengths in the study?

How can your children choose Cambridge IGCSE Subjects?

One must choose IGCSE curriculum subjects wisely. It should depend on your children’s interests, higher studies, and future career goals. Moreover, a student must remember that top-ranking colleges or universities will only consider the top grades and the overall performance of the curriculum. They don’t consider the number of subjects.

For instance, if your child wants to pursue engineering later, he must choose subjects to help him gain more knowledge. Similarly, if he wants to study medicine, he must choose biology and other science subjects.

Often, students do not have clarity about the main subject of their career. Therefore, such students should choose subjects that they have an interest in.

Some subjects of IGCSE

·   Languages

In languages, the school decides which will be in the category. Most of the schools that run Cambridge IGCSE curricula have German and Spanish language options; if you are an Indian mother-tongue speaker, your language is likely to be easier to pick up than German. You must invest time to become proficient in the language. Therefore, you better select wisely.

·   Geography

The geography of IGCSE is an extremely enticing subject that explores the earth’s natural and artificial phenomena. If your children are curious about the reasons behind everything that happens, this subject should be on the list. This curriculum allows students to take the subject just after class 7 admission.

·   Mathematics

IGCSE Mathematics is one of the vital subjects for all students because it encourages the development of mathematical knowledge as an important life skill and a solid basis for more advanced study. Therefore, a student must take care of the subject.

Wrapping Up

As a parent, you have to know the importance of the IGCSE curriculum for your child. Therefore, whenever you can admit your children to a school where IGCSE is available, do so as early as possible to enhance their future prospects.

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