Buy and sell car in Lahore and is now the right time?

Is your vehicle getting old? Is it better to buy a new or used car? And what are the criteria for making the right decision. In these troubled times, the automobile market is experiencing all kinds of upheavals. But now, your car is getting old or your mobility needs are changing. And the question arises: should we buy and sell car in Lahore now or extend the deadline? The answer depends a lot on the available budge. But not only that.

Selling or keeping your car, a sometimes difficult question!

We are mainly targeting those who have their own vehicle. Not a leasing contract therefore. Is your car more than 4 or 5 years old, maybe much more? Should you buy a new car, a used car… or not? A few years ago, you might not have even asked yourself the question. The elements available at the time seemed clearer, the economic and political situation much less nebulous than today.

Is your Used car for sale in Lahore more than 4-5 years old? Maybe even 8 or 12? It still runs very well but you wonder about its future. What criteria should be taken into account to analyze this point?

Other parts can also weigh on the wallet: the clutch, the shock absorbers, not to mention even more expensive elements like a turbo, electronic components or a gearbox, especially if it is automatic.

Are your mobility needs changing?

The various crises we are experiencing have disrupted our family and professional lives. And, with them, our mobility. Are you teleworking more than before? Have you changed jobs with fewer kilometers to travel every day? Children grow up and go to school on their own? Due to the climate crisis, have you decided to change your habits, to drive less and to favor other modes of travel? There are countless reasons why you might suddenly be doing fewer miles. In this case, your vehicle will necessarily wear out less, you will consume less – even if your engine is not the latest – and therefore you will be able to consider keeping it for longer.

Conversely, if you were to drive more in the future – in the long term, not occasionally – or if you are already a “heavy” driver, you will probably have to consider replacing your vehicle in the short or medium term.

Is the fuel used no longer the most suitable?

Another reason which could direct you towards renewal is the type of engine. If, like many motorists, you opted for a diesel a few years ago, the question becomes even more acute. Unless you always travel many kilometers, tow or carry heavy loads. There, as we indicate in this article on diesel cars, diesel remains a consistent choice. In addition, these engines, often larger displacements, are designed for long mileage. At least if they are well maintained and driven like a “good father”.

Which engine to choose?

Concerning the private sector (we are not talking about company cars here), it is still gasoline which sits at the top of the sales figures, both new and used. The problem with a (petrol) car that is getting old – even if it is well maintained – is that it will tend to consume a little more. A point that you will have to watch out for. Now, this is also related to your annual mileage. If you travel less than 10,000 km/year and you consume, for example, 1 liter more per 100 km than a new or recent used car, is the investment worth it? Especially right now!

The increase in gasoline but also electrified vehicles and the continued decline in diesel.

As for the possibility of going electric, in the context of this file, whether new or used, it will mainly be a question of budget. When purchasing the vehicle (almost nothing under 20,000 euros), add the constantly rising price of electricity and the difficulties of recharging if you do not have terminals at home/work. However, if these factors are not a concern for you, opting for an electric one today is certainly not a bad solution.

And so if you really need to change.

Your choice will be guided by these two essential points: your needs and your budget. Remember that a larger car is generally more expensive to run. It consumes more and is taxed more heavily. This is without taking into account a higher insurance premium and often more expensive maintenance too. Do you really need a big car or could you borrow/rent one from time to time? These are still questions to ask yourself.

Loans and delivery times sharply increased

Among the reasons which could encourage a wait-and-see attitude, we will note the constant evolution of interest rates for car loans.

Electronic chips, one of the obstacles to getting your new car quickly.

But we shouldn’t paint everything black, because if certain new cars – especially electrified – suffer from waiting times of a year or more, many vehicles are in stock in showrooms. You just have to be a little less demanding on the desired equipment and color. And, for the occasion, become aware of the rise in prices. Which is not about to change given the current economic context.


By having gone through the various elements mentioned here, you should have a more precise idea of ​​the “right” attitude to adopt according to your profile to Buy and sell car in Lahore, or not. To complete this information, do not hesitate to (re)read our article dedicated to the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a new or used car.

Personally, I have always liked the used market better for the simple reason that I prefer to pay cash for my cars and then pay for maintenance and repairs over time. I can find a more affordable vehicle this way. However, what allows me to launch into this world without fear is that I know about cars. Buy and sell car in Lahore.

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