Fastest Growing Industries in Canada for Immigrants in 2024

The latest study by the UK Firm Givetastic reveals that Canada is the #1 overseas work destination globally. The report analyzes monthly average search volume for corresponding term keywords such as “work” and “abroad” and makes use of translation if necessary. It then determines the dream destination to work overseas for nearly all nations. 

Skilled workers and professionals looking for Jobs in Canada for Indians and interested to Apply for Canada PR Visa can now even more confidently go ahead with their plans.

The research surveys individuals across 164 nations and highlights the appeal of Canada due to its vibrant job market, employee benefits, and robust healthcare. Remarkably, 56 nations ranked Canada as the top option which is 34.1% of the world’s nations. This emphasizes the reputation of Canada as a leading workplace hub.

Canada – The Dream Hub

Canada is a favored immigration and work destination for overseas nationals due to a blend of factors. Firstly, the nation has a high-quality lifestyle that offers access to world-class educational institutions and universal healthcare. It is also a peaceful and safe nation with a low rate of crime.

Further, Canada is among the most highly diverse nations globally. It embraces inclusion and values all religions and cultures easing it for immigrants to integrate and settle in Canadian society. The nation is also committed to fostering a diverse workforce and ensuring socio-economic growth through innumerable immigration programs, sponsorship prospects, and study and work permit pathways.

Pivotal Immigration Programs in Canada include the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Programs, and Temporary Foreign Worker Program. These have Permanent Residence pathways for qualified overseas nationals. The nation aims to welcome 485,000 fresh Permanent Residents in 2024.

The fastest-growing industries for immigrants:


The lifespan of Canadians has increased and they need medical services for a lengthier duration in comparison with their past generations. As a result, Provinces in Canada are making all efforts to allure overseas healthcare workers to cater to the demand. Presently, 35% plus of Physicians, 39% of Dentists, and 23% of Registered Nurses in Canada are overseas immigrants.

Statistics Canada in its report for job vacancies highlighted that job openings in the Healthcare sector across all industries were highest at 143,800 positions as of February 2023. Particularly, the Nursing sector was the worst hit in the pandemic resulting in several Nurses needing leave extensions or quitting the work itself.

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada has launched many initiatives to ease the PR Visa process for Healthcare workers. For instance, it eliminated a few obstacles for Physicians who were earlier regarded as Self-employed. They are usually ineligible for Express Entry.

Immigration as a Healthcare Worker

Express Entry is chosen by several healthcare workers for arriving in Canada. This system has 3 economic immigration pathways:

  •         The Federal Skilled Worker Program
  •         The Canadian Experience Class
  •         The Federal Skilled Trades Program

The majority of Provinces have immigration streams under PNPs for healthcare workers as healthcare is their responsibility. For instance, recently, Alberta launched the Dedicated Pathway Healthcare through the Alberta Express Entry Stream.

The rest of the Provinces also frequently conduct PNP draws aimed at workers in Healthcare occupations. British Columbia conducts such a draw almost weekly and recently Ontario offered 2,349 invitations to Healthcare workers through its stream HCP – Human Capital Priorities.

Caregivers for Children and seniors have 2 Federal Pilot Immigration Programs. Earlier in 2023, the Government of Canada announced the reduction in work experience criteria for Caregivers to become eligible for PR Visa through these pathways. It is now 12 months from 24 months previously.


Investment of $20 Billion for supporting major clean growth infrastructure and clean electricity projects was a highlight of the 2023 Federal Budget. This is likely to result in amplified demand in the Technology sector.

Here it must be noted that a University degree is not needed for several careers in the manufacturing domain in clean technology space. In 2021, the average salary for workers in this sector was $90,252, much higher than the average of $69,311 across the Canadian economy.

The expansion of the AI industry is also a crucial factor in the demand for tech workers in Canada. Canadian Government has designed the website Invest in Canada to attract investments in the nation’s tech sector. It reveals that 1,032 AI& ML companies exist in Canada. Further, the Global AI Index reveals that Canada is ranked 4th for its global competitiveness in investment, innovation, and implementation of AI.

Immigration as a Tech Occupation Worker

IRCC offers pathways like Global Talent Stream to help the immigration of more tech workers. GTS is a component of the TFWP – Temporary Foreign Workers Program and aims to promote the growth of the Canadian tech sector. It processes skilled worker applications within 2 weeks after the submission of the final application by the prospective employee.  PNPs also conduct targeted tech draws. A few examples of such PNP streams are the Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway, Saskatchewan Tech Talent Pathway, OINP Tech Draw, and the BC Tech Stream.


The agriculture industry in Canada employs 243,000 plus Canadians and it has at present a rate of job vacancy of 14,000 plus. Royal Bank of Canada’s latest report reveals that 40% of farm operators in the nation will retire by 2033.

The report adds that to offset the skill crisis in the short term, the nation has to accept thirty thousand PR Visa holders in the next 10 years. It is for establishing their greenhouses and farms or taking over existing ones.

Immigration as an Agricultural Occupation Worker

Recently IRCC announced that the Agri-Food Pilot Program has been extended for filing the vacant jobs openings and eliminating the caps on occupations. Qualified occupations are inclusive of:

  •         Industrial Butchers
  •         Retail Butchers
  •         Food Processing Laborers
  •         Farm Supervisors and Specialized Livestock Workers
  •         General Farm Workers
  •         Harvesting Laborers

Some PNPs also have immigration streams dedicated to agriculture workers.

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Canada’s allure as the top global work destination is reinforced by a robust job market, inclusive society, and progressive immigration programs. With opportunities in healthcare, tech, and agriculture, Canada beckons skilled workers.

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