Mini Mixer Grinders For Bachelors And Small Families

Kitchen appliances are very useful in everyday life. They can save a lot of time and effort not only while cooking for large groups but also for small families and bachelors. However, large appliances may not suit the minimalistic requirements of small families. This is why mini versions of many such appliances are available in the market. 

When we talk about appliances for bachelors and small families, a mixer grinder is a must-have. With this, all grinding, mixing and blending tasks can get a lot easier. Whether you want to grind chutney for idlis and dosas or masalas for gravies and curries, it can be done with ease. You can also use it for blending smoothies, juicing fruits, grinding coffee beans and more. If you are looking for a mini mixer grinder for bachelors or small families, here are your top options. 

KENT Marvel

Preparing various foods without a hassle is possible with the new 550W KENT Marvel Mixer Grinder. It works like magic, helping you prepare different dishes with ease. It comes with three high-quality jars for mixing, grinding and blending with absolute smoothness and perfection. All these jars are fitted with sharp blades that ensure quick results. The spill-proof lids ensure that there is no leakage while blending or grinding. This mixer grinder price makes it an affordable choice in its category.

Usha RapidMix

Usha RapidMix is an efficient mixer grinder for small families. It facilitates fast grinding due to its high RPM. It comes with three different stainless steel jars that are integrated with fin blades for precise grinding. Its high torque ensures longer life, making it a very durable choice of mixer grinder. 

KENT Smart Nutri Blender

KENT Smart is an ideal choice of blender and mixer grinder for nuclear families. It is a smart appliance for easy grinding and blending tasks. It is perfect for making shakes, purees, smoothies, chutneys and more. The new KENT Smart comes with three jars of different sizes and is a great replacement for the heavy mixer grinders. 

All these are perfect choice of mixer grinders for bachelors. Being small appliances, the mixer grinder, rice cooker or electric kettle price of such mini appliances make these the right choice for small families. 

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