How Do I Upgrade My JetBlue Flight and First Class?

Welcome to your guide on unlocking a world of elevated travel with JetBlue Airways! Upgrading your flight experience is not just about reaching your destination; it’s about arriving in style and comfort. In this comprehensive guide, we will navigate the steps to enhance your journey with JetBlue, ensuring you make the most of their premium offerings. From securing a more spacious seat to enjoying exclusive amenities, discover how to elevate your travel experience with JetBlue. Fasten your seatbelt as we embark on a journey How To Upgrade JetBlue Flight and redefine the way you soar through the skies.

Upgrade Your Seat On JetBlue

  • Visit JetBlue’s Website: Go to the official JetBlue Airways website.
  • Log In: Log in to your JetBlue account. You might need to create an account if you don’t already have one.
  • Manage Your Trip: Navigate to the “Manage Your Trip” or a similar section on the website.
  • Check Seat Upgrade Options: Look for options related to seat upgrades. There may be information on costs associated with upgrading to a higher class or selecting specific seats.
  • Select Upgrade: If available, choose the seat upgrade option and follow the prompts to complete the process. You may need to pay the fare difference between your current seat and the upgraded seat.
  • Payment: Provide the necessary payment details to finalize the upgrade if there are associated costs.
  • Confirmation: Once the upgrade is confirmed, you should receive a confirmation email with details about your upgraded seat.

Alternatively, you can contact JetBlue Customer Service for assistance. They can guide you through the process, provide information on availability, and answer any questions you may have.

JetBlue Upgrade To First Class

JetBlue does not have a traditional “First Class” cabin; instead, they offer a premium product called “Mint.” Mint is JetBlue’s premium cabin, featuring lie-flat seats, enhanced amenities, and a more upscale experience.

  • Since every seat in first class is lie-flat, passengers may travel to their destination in comfort with ease.
  • Free wifi is available in your suit for your convenience. You can download shows, movies, games, etc., and entertain yourself while you travel.
  • All the seats are reclined, so you can easily turn your seat into a lie-flat and convert it to a bed.
  • You will get a power outlet at every seat so that you can charge your devices.
  • Passengers of the mint upgrade will get to enjoy three meals during their journey. The deliciousness of the food will cater to everyone’s taste palate.
  • For the passengers’ privacy, they will be provided with sliding doors in their suits. And the passengers have direct access to the aisle.
  • Passengers of the JetBlue mint upgrade will be provided sleeping kits with earplugs, a pillow, a blanket, an eye mask, etc.
  • Every seat has inside storage for passengers to store their belongings.

The JetBlue experience at the airport 


The main distinction between JetBlue Mint and first class on other domestic airlines is lounge access. JetBlue does not offer lounges, so Mint travelers have no distinct waiting space unless they have access to other airport lounges such as Priority Pass or the American Express Centurion Lounge.


JetBlue provides special Mint/Mosaic check-in lines for Mint passengers and frequent JetBlue fliers with Mosaic status. The process is often straightforward, with no more than two or three additional priority clients in front of you. 

Mint tickets also have Even More Speed, a for-purchase benefit on lower class tickets that grants you access to a priority TSA lane, albeit a standard TSA lane. Even More Space does not provide TSA PreCheck access to travelers who do not have PreCheck status.

Baggage allowance

Each Mint cost includes two checked bags weighing up to 70 dollars each, which are assigned priority tags and typically arrive before ordinary checked bags at baggage claim. Passengers are also allowed one larger carry-on bag and one smaller personal item.


Mastering the art of upgrading your JetBlue flight unlocks a realm of unparalleled travel experiences. By following the outlined steps, you can seamlessly transition to premium cabins, such as the coveted Mint class, and enjoy a journey marked by comfort and luxury. From selecting upgraded seats to exploring exclusive amenities, JetBlue’s upgrade options cater to diverse preferences. Elevate your travel with confidence, knowing that each step towards a higher-class experience is a gateway to a more enjoyable and memorable flight. Embrace the ease of upgrading, and let your JetBlue adventure soar to new heights. Safe travels!


1. How do I upgrade my JetBlue flight?

To upgrade your JetBlue flight, log in to your JetBlue account, navigate to the “Manage Your Trip” section, and explore the available upgrade options. Follow the prompts to select your desired upgrade and complete the payment process.

2. What is JetBlue’s Mint class?

JetBlue’s Mint class is the airline’s premium cabin offering, featuring lie-flat seats, enhanced amenities, and an upscale travel experience. To enjoy Mint, you can either book a Mint fare directly or explore upgrade options if available.

3. Can I upgrade my seat after booking my flight?

Yes, in most cases, you can upgrade your seat after booking. Visit the JetBlue website, log in to your account, and check the “Manage Your Trip” section for available seat upgrade options.

4. How much does it cost to upgrade my seat on JetBlue?

The cost of upgrading your seat on JetBlue varies based on factors such as your original ticket type, the route, and the availability of upgraded seats. Check the “Manage Your Trip” section for specific details related to your booking.

5. Are seat upgrades refundable?

JetBlue’s seat upgrade policies may vary. Check the terms and conditions during the upgrade process for information on refundability. Refund policies may be influenced by factors such as the type of upgrade and the fare class.

6. Can I upgrade to Mint on all JetBlue flights?

Mint is available on select JetBlue routes. Check the route and flight details when booking or managing your trip to see if Mint is offered on your specific flight.

7. What amenities are included in JetBlue’s Mint class?

Mint class offers a range of premium amenities, including lie-flat seats, enhanced dining options, dedicated check-in counters, and priority security screening. For specific details.

Michal Devis

Michal Devis

Unlock a new level of comfort with JetBlue seat upgrades. Elevate your travel experience by choosing from our premium seating options, designed for ultimate relaxation and convenience. Enjoy extra legroom, priority boarding, and a host of exclusive amenities. Upgrade today and indulge in a journey where luxury meets the skies, ensuring you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for whatever awaits. Upgrade your seat with JetBlue and soar above the ordinary.

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