How Does An Amazing 3000 Grafts Hair Transplant Change Your Life?

A 3000 grafts hair transplant is recommended for people with extensive hair loss. Such a case is perfect for those with hair loss across temples, crown areas, etc. Thus, it brings a comprehensive coverage of the balding spots.

Most people who are recommended for such a hair transplant are when they have reached Norwood scale 5–6.

How are the grafts calculated?

There are around 1–4 hair follicles per hair graft. If you choose 3000 grafts for hair transplantyou can expect around 6–9k hair follicles. This is possible to attain the best results minus the thinness or balding of other regions.

Here are a few ways in which your doctor will evaluate your needs-

  • Assessing your requirements

A hair loss assessment is crucial to confirm whether you need a larger or smaller graft transplant. This means you can attain the best results using the proper density of grafts.

During the assessment phase, your selected hair transplant clinic will check your hair and assess your baldness progress. They will also review your requirements to determine the severity of the hair recession.

  • Determine the number of grafts that you need

Depending on your individual needs, you may need to undergo more or less graft. For instance — a person with Norwood scale three baldness can require around 1700 grafts for frontal hairs.

Still, it is hard to determine the number of grafts that you need. The same depends on your age, gender and hair type. Similarly, doctors may use other criteria to assess your requirements.

  • Placing the grafts

The quality and placement of the graft determines the final result of your Transplant. Since the hair and growth patterns are unique, it is vital to ensure effective planning. This ensures that the final results match your requirements. Here are the factors that influence your decision –

  • The direction of the hair follicles,
  • Planning process,
  • The angle of the hairs,
  • Hair follicle orientation, etc.
  • Donor area

The donor area must be available, desirable, and in excellent condition. This is important to ensure the right hair transplantation. The best doctors determine the most effective donor area before undertaking a transplant.

When do I need 3000 grafts for hair transplant procedures?

In extreme cases, patients will need such grafts when missing a more significant part of their hairline. This can be crucial when you attempt to cover a crown or similar larger area.

The same may also be dependent on factors like –

  • Risk of further hair loss,
  • Maximising the use of donor hairs,
  • Type of hairs,
  • Hair texture,
  • Grafts required, etc.


Although there are numerous ways to ensure you regain your lost youthful appearance and confidence, selecting the best one according to your needs is essential. The best ones offer a range of possibilities and solutions that meet your needs, minus punching a hole in your budget.

If you have exhausted all available options or wish to choose a long-lasting result, it is best to choose hair transplant procedures like FUE with lasting results. Similarly, you can choose a reliable and trustworthy service provider to ensure you get the desired look minus significant downtime.

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