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Ant Esports Gaming Keyboards: Affordable and Feature-Packed Options

All gaming peripherals are under consistent development, and an excellent keyboard has become a mandatory component for genuine gamers. A market player within the gaming industry, Ant Esports offers a line of keyboards for gamers that are specially outlined to upgrade their overall experience. In this guide, we’ll touch on the characteristics and Ant Esports gaming keyboard price to help you understand everything and suggest where you can buy these peripherals.

Features of Ant Esports Gaming Keyboards

In recent years, Ant Esports has been known for making gaming peripherals that combine quality with reasonable costs. Their gaming consoles have attracted consideration due to their imaginative usefulness and solid development. The Ant Esports MK1300 Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Outemu Red Switches stands out among their numerous models.

Some salient features of the MK1300 Mini Keyboard are-

  • It includes a minor form factor and is also convenient, which makes it perfect for mobile gamers (60%).
  • The keys include the Outemu Red Mechanical Switches, which are exceptionally smooth to the touch and not as loud.
  • You’ll disconnect the USB line, which provides much more comfort when setting up your gaming range.
  • It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.
  • The keyboards have phenomenal LED lights with 14 modes, which deliver the console an excellent appearance.

Ant Esports Gaming Keyboard Prices: Affordable Excellence

Ant Esports Gaming Keyboards price is not much, making it one of the best options for every gamer. Ant Esports appreciates that competitive costs continuously supply such products. Their MK1300 Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard costs Rs. 4,199, which is affordable in terms of gaming keyboards.

Moreover, Ant Esports gives numerous other models to meet different tastes and needs. The MK1200 Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Red Switches costs Rs.1,887 (as it were, the former was already estimated at Rs.2599), and the MK3200 Mechanical Gaming keyboard is now at Rs. 1,685. You can check the prices on their official website or other third-party online platforms. But, you must conduct adequate research before making any decision.

Where Can You Buy The Ant Esports Gaming Keyboards?

Users can purchase the Ant Esports products from various online and offline retailers, giving them ample choice for obtaining these gaming accessories.

There are several online retailers that have the constant supply of the keyboards and help consumers buy Ant Esports gaming keyboards in their electronic section and the diversions. Using these platforms to purchase Ant Esports gaming keyboards is easy. But, before you buy, ensure to check online reviews to understand whether your investment will be worth it or not.


The Ant Esports gaming keyboards give a compelling bundle of functionality, performance, and prices. With costs matching distinctive budget levels and different models, Ant Esports has become a brand worth considering by gamers who highly appreciate stability within the gaming periphery. Any gamer whether you are casual or competitive enthusiast—there may be a gaming keyboard for somebody from Ant Esports that would complete your general setup.

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