How To Get The Best Results At A Low Penile Lengthening Surgery Cost?

Penile lengthening surgery or phalloplasty is a surgical procedure done to augment or enlarge the penis. If you are looking for affordable penile lengthening surgery costs, then India is the right choice.

Why undergo penile lengthening surgery?

Penile lengthening surgery is an excellent way to boost your confidence and improve your sexual life. Considering the affordable penile lengthening surgery costs in India, the demand for such procedures is rising.

Although there are numerous other alternatives to increasing the size of the penis yet penis enlargement surgery offers better and long-lasting results. At the same time, the penis length is increased using the following options –

  • Length enlargement

This procedure uses ligament release, like midline suspension and lateral fundiform ligaments. The doctors also move up the hidden part of the penis inside the body. This makes up about a third of the entire length of the penis.

By making an incision, the surgeons cut off the ligaments from the base of the penis. When cut, these ligaments allow the penis to move forward and grow.

You must use the vacuum therapy at least a week before and after the surgery. The same can be continued for up to six months. This helps in preventing further adhesion formation and sustaining the desired penile length.

This is the cheapest penile implant surgery process that helps you to enjoy the penile length of your choice.

  • Girth enlargement

Girth enlargement is done by two processes by which you get a penis with a strong thickness. These include a fat injection or dermal grafting. The latter is a long-lasting method that can be combined with length enlargement.

Your penis is enlarged using fat grafts that are extracted from the buttocks or stomach. This helps to widen the cylindrical structures beneath the penis.

The fat is taken from the abdominal region and is then concentrated. This is then inserted in the penis and all around the circumference to get the desired penile thickness.

  • Granular enhancement

This is used in combination with the girth enhancement, as adding fat to the penis makes it appear smaller. Choosing granular enhancement, hyaluronic acid, micro fat, etc., are injected. This helps to get a bigger and better penile appearance.

You can resume sexual activity within 15-20 days of treatment.

How to get the Cheapest Penile Implant Surgery?

There are many benefits of undergoing penile implant surgery, especially in improving your self-confidence and sexual life. However, the costs of the same are quite high everywhere compared to India. The country has the best medical infrastructure, caregivers, and experts to ensure your penile implant surgery is successful. You also get access to pre and postoperative care through internationally recognised staff.

Further, leading hospitals carry international accreditations and deliver international standards to aid your care and recovery.  You can, therefore, trust the country to undergo premium services and implants and improve your sexual life.

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