The Ultimate Guide for Eyebrow Pigments: Expert Tips

eyebrow pigments

Each eyebrow tattoo is a work of art, crafted with passion to enhance your client’s natural beauty. But, sometimes these eyebrow tattoos might not look that great on every client which was envisaged in the planning phase. It’s an open secret that every permanent makeup artist knows but not your clients!
Most of the clients who want to have a brow tattoo often have serious skin conditions. However, they get influenced by the virgin brows popular on social media platforms and choose their brow treatments based on the latest trends. As a genuine artist, it’s your duty to guide them towards the best available option.
Here’s how you can help your clients choose the brow tattoo as per the condition of their skin. 

Stage 1: Ascertain your client’s skin condition

Every client’s skin comes with a lot of challenges. You need to understand the intricacies of their skin to customize your approach and then make the correct brow tattoo choice. Here are some of the most difficult skin types, along with the reasons which make them challenging:-

Post-surgery skin

This type of skin has challenges related to altered texture or unevenness.
The skin tissue is not able to hold the pigments consistently. So, you have to be a lot more meticulous when tattooing to easily assimilate the pigment and reduce the visibility of scars. 

Hyperpigmented skin

The hyperpigmented skin is defined by areas of intensified pigmentation, making it difficult for the pigment to mix with the skin easily.
That’s why managing colour distortion becomes an important thing to make sure the brows don’t look artificial. 

Ethnic skin

This skin type has a lot of complications, which are mainly related to the differences in pigmentation and texture. Due to this, a diligent approach is required for selecting the pigments and application techniques.
In case, you fail to deal with these complications, the results might look unnatural. Moreover, the colour retention will not be up to the mark. 

Dehydrated skin

The dehydrated skin doesn’t have the requisite moisture, which impacts the healing process and pigment retention.
The result of a brow tattoo on dehydrated skin might be inadequate colour absorption. Along with this, the risk of uneven healing might also increase. 

Stage 2: Describe how skin condition might impact brow tattooing

Tattooing on healthy skin is a piece of cake for every brow artist. However, your client’s skin conditions can significantly impact the final output. So, you need to explain how their skin condition can affect their brow tattoo. Some probable situations are written below:-

Irregular pigment retention

Poor skin texture makes the pigment’s application irregular. This causes an incoherent colour distribution and the result is a patchy look. 

Prolonged healing time

The insufficient elasticity in the skin impacts its ability to repair proficiently. This enhances the chances of complications along with impacting the final result of the procedure. 


The skin conditions can have negative effects on overall health increasing the chances of allergies. The allergic reactions to eyebrow pigments can cause unease, inflammation, and several negative outcomes. 

Stage 3: Selecting the finest brow tattoo

The techniques which you can choose for your clients with different skin types are:-


Microblading is a great choice for clients who have normal skin and for those who want a natural brow tattoo. But, you have to be careful with sensitive skin as it can cause significant damage to the skin. In fact, its application is even more difficult on mature skin. Alongside this, it’s not a good option for scarred skin as well because the scars can make the pigment be absorbed in distinct ways. 

Nano brows

Nano brows are a much better alternative to microblading, which is perfect for clients who have sensitive skin. Moreover, it provides a lot more control to the artist performing the tattoo, which makes it ideal for mature skin. In case, the client has scarred skin, this technique is very beneficial if compared with microblading. 

Powder ombre brows

The powder ombre brows are ideal for those clients who have distinguished skin structures and that includes the skin type with scars. This technique is quite successful for sensitive and mature skin. Furthermore, powder ombre brows seamlessly match with ethnic and melanin-rich skin. 

Combo brows

Combo brows blend the microblading and shading techniques. It is a great option for those clients who have sensitive skin, providing a perfect balance between accuracy and mildness. Alongside this, it’s highly impactful on thin skin, providing ideal pigment retention and strokes to create hairs in tender skin areas. 

Final Words

Understanding your client’s skin condition is one of the most crucial aspects of brow tattooing. Every client’s skin is unique and you should help them choose a technique which is as per their skin type. It’s not only about the choice of the brow tattoo technique; it’s about adjusting according to the special attributes of every client’s skin. When you embrace these distinctions, the brow tattoo results will definitely be extraordinary. 

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