Best Commercial Vehicles Trucks Mileage and Features

If you want to purchase a range of mini trucks but are confused about which brand to consider, choose Tata and Mahindra. Mini trucks from both manufacturers are affordable and have impressive features for powerful performance. Moreover, they deliver superb mileage while managing fuel economy. 

Besides knowing their features, you must know their pricing. Whether you consider Tata Ace or Mahindra Supro on-road price, make sure it aligns with your budget. 

Mahindra Supro

The Mahindra Supro series price ranges between Rs.5.76 to 7.43 lakh. It includes six flagship mini trucks with four sturdy tyres for reliable performance. Mahindra Supro Profit, CNG Duo, Excel, and Maxi are popular models. These models also operate from diesel, bi-fuel, and CNG. Moreover, these models are equipped with powerful batteries of high volts for superior performance. Additionally, their power output ranges between 27 HP and 47 HP, ensuring quick deliveries. Further, Mahindra Supro models adhere to BS6 emission standards for cleaner transportation. 

Tata ACE

The Tata Ace on-road price ranges between Rs. 4.21 and 7.05 lakhs in India. It includes 9 flagship models, which are most preferable for the logistics businesses. Tata Ace Gold, HT Plus, Ace EV, CNG Plus and Petrol CX are its popular models. Also, they come in CNG, diesel, petrol, and bi-fiel and operate from batteries. Moreover, their power output ranges from 25 HP to 36 HP. They have four sturdy tyres for stable and balanced intracity cargo transportation. Additionally, the top-quality models in this series adhere to BS6 and Zero tailpipe emission standards.

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