Choosing the Perfect House Name in Alignment with Vastu Shastra Principles

When you are building your dream house, everything counts; from the floor plans and the construction material used to the name that you give it. According to Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian system of architecture, a house’s name determines what type of energies live inside it – positive or negative. You can draw wealth and luck towards your family by picking out a favourable name for your house based on Vastu principles where which will also bring happiness and prosperity into their lives.


Indian Estate Group is one among many prominent real estate companies that recognize Vastu as an essential factor for clients’ satisfaction. Our Vastu Shastra Consultants specialize in aligning construction methods with these universal rules of design; they have done this over time through experience gained while working on projects across different parts of India. Here, however, are the ten most important things to consider when choosing an auspicious house name as per Vastu:


  1. Prefer Names with Odd Numbers of Letters/Syllables

In Vastu, odd numbers are believed to bring good luck while even numbers are considered unlucky. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a name for your house that has an odd number of letters or syllables in it such as Ananda (9), Suvarn (6), Akarsh (6) etc. This is thought to attract positive energies and create an atmosphere of fulfilment within the dwelling place. In Vastu philosophy, even numbers are symbolic of duality or incompleteness.


  1. Avoid Unlucky Numbers

Numbers like 6, 8 and 9 are considered inauspicious or unlucky in vastu numerology. Do not use names containing these numerical values obtained by adding up the digit values based on their positions in the English alphabet A=1..Z=26. For instance “Heaven” has a numerological value of 6, which is not recommended. According to Vastu principles, these numbers can bring obstacles and negativity in life. Particularly number eight should be avoided because it resonates with the cosmic serpent that brings problems/obstacles.


  1. Adapt to the Right Direction

The main direction of your house (east, west, north, south) should have some specific syllables or letters in its name according to Vastu principles that are centuries old. The expert Vastu consultant can help you know which letter is right for each direction so that energies within homes are balanced in the best possible way. For instance; the east-facing houses should have names containing sound vowels.


  1. Go for Names with Positive Meanings

It’s recommended to give a home a name with a positive meaning over something negative or unfortunate. “Ananda” means bliss while “Vismaya” indicates wonder or amazement and “Sukhsagar” translates into ocean of happiness. These meanings full of power and positivity do more than just amplify joyfulness within premises but also attract fulfillment and delight.


  1. Consider Auspicious Sanskrit/Indian Names  

Auspicious names for homes based on Vastu Shastra can be found in the Sanskrit language of ancient India like Amrita (immortality), Prakash (light), Devika (little goddess) Arohi etcetera. These words are deeply rooted spiritually as they come from wisdom traditions connected with earth consciousnesses around us. In addition, this sacred tongue has been known since time immemorial for its powerful vibrations capable of uplifting any dwelling energy fields.


  1. Establish a Connection with Nature/Deities

As suggested by Vastu Shastra, many home names are considered spiritually fortunate if they honour gods of nature, trees, rivers or any other divine force. This grounds the house in strong earth energies and spiritual blessings. Some examples are Tapovan (forest of meditation), Amritadhaara (stream of nectar) or Madhuvan (honey grove).


  1. Take into Account Vaastu Alphabets

Vaastu Shastra assigns certain letters from Sanskrit & Hindi alphabets as either auspicious or inauspicious which can affect your choice of a name for your home. A Vastu consultant will be able to determine this accurately based on complex calculations involving the energetic value of each letter along with its numerical code against the chosen name.


  1. Listen to the Ruling Planet/ Deity

Each person has according to Vedic astrological principles governing Vastu their birth chart that determines his ruling planet or celestial deity which should ideally be reflected by one’s own name for the best spiritual alignment and results. An expert can suggest the right names based on your cosmic configuration.


  1. Trust your gut feelings

Although Vastu guidelines are based on proven principles, you should select a house name per vastu that fits well with what you and your family feel is right. Even if there is no logical explanation for why it attracts you spiritually or resonates deeply within yourself, do not dismiss such names on energy grounds alone.


  1. Consult professionals in Vastu Shastra

To select the most suitable name according to genuine Vastu principles, it would be advisable for you to seek professional advice from experts like those found at Indian Estate Group who have been practising this ancient science for many years. They take into account all factors concerning your house such as celestial bodies’ arrangement, and numbers associated with them among others while making recommendations based on their calculations which can be quite intricate. 



While naming your new home, so as to make a free flow of positive energy and invite extraordinary happiness, prosperity and good fortune, keep in mind these top ten rules. With every stride we take at Indian Estate Group, we are driven by a passion for assisting customers in making their dream homes come true according to Vastu Shastra; an ancient spiritual tradition of India.


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