Mesmerizing places to visit in Abha

Do you really think that Umrah packages 2025 only organize the Pilgrimage essentials all the way and nothing else? Well, it is not completely true because the most common Umrah travel plans come with a diverse range of inclusions and add-on services than you may think. For instance, these Umrah deals not only provide wholesome pilgrimage experience but also go beyond the essential rituals. Arranging additional tours to the holy sites is one of the add-on services that travel agencies offer to pilgrims. This way, pilgrims can make the most of their time and money within a single trip. Therefore, we have found Abha as a mesmerizing place to visit for pilgrims once they have completed their religious goals. So, if you are fond of exploring new places and love to adventure, this blog post is for you.

Why You Should Visit Abha during the Pilgrimage?

Abha is a beautiful city located in the southeast of Saudi Arabia. The region has a pleasant weather and mesmerizing scenery surrounded by giant mountains. Therefore, some Ramadan 7 nights 4 star Umrah package include a day trip to Abha as part of the travel plan to enhance the pilgrimage experience of pilgrims within budget. Since the city is not so far from Makkah and Madinah, you can easily get there by traveling 400 to 800 km from the major pilgrimage cities. Pilgrims with 12 Nights 4 star Umrah package can also explore the beauty of Abha city far from the crowds of pilgrims as they have enough time to enjoy. The cool weather and scenic views all around the region attract visitors as well as pilgrims the most. Whether you love to spend time in nature, want to do adventure activities like hiking or camping, or are fond of learning about the region’s culture, Abha has something to explore for all. So, plan your day trip to Abha as soon as you have done with the Umrah rituals to get the most out of your journey to Saudi Arabia.

1. Al Soudah Park

The Abha city of Saudi Arabia is popular for its natural landscapes and diverse greenery all around the region and Al Soudah Park is one of these attractions. It is the best place for pilgrims who want to relax in nature and reflect on their spiritual accomplishments far from the crowds of pilgrims in Makkah and Madinah. If you are traveling with Umrah packages for family or groups, Al Soudah Park is you go-to spot where you can have a picnic, hike, wander, and explore all the way. You can also try the culinary richness of Abha city there as the park remains full of dining spots all around to serve visitors within budget.

2. Al Muftaha Village

Al Muftaha Village is another defined area in the city of Abha which is popular for its archeological nature and historical background. The village has well-preserved old houses made of stones and mud revealing the way of living of earlier civilizations.

Therefore, pilgrims who are interested in exploring the history of Saudi Arabia closely can visit Al Muftaha Village to learn the culture and folk traditions in a quick way. So, if you have enough spare time to have an additional tour with the 12 Nights 4 star Umrah package, mark Al Muftaha Village in the city of Abha and make the most of your time within budget.

3. Abha Dam

The city of Abha has its own dam to store water for agricultural and domestic purposes serving locals in many ways. For instance, the Abha locals also use the stored water of the dam to irrigate their farms and to produce electricity to meet their energy requirements. However, the Abha Dam is not all about serious things as it’s also the best recreational place for pilgrims. Imagine the flowing water of a dam surrounded by mountains and fresh cool air, it is like heaven on earth. So, visitors used to enjoy water activities like fishing and boating there while some used to sit back and gaze at the scenic view of the dam refreshingly.

4. Assir National Park

Want to experience camping or hiking under the clean clear sky but in the company of lush green scenery? Assir National Park is your ultimate travel spot in the city of Abha. The park not only has a diverse range of beautiful flowers, tall trees, and even rare plants, but it also has a number of animal species you will love to see there. As the park is spacious and full of natural wonders, it is also the best place to stay for a while and reflect on the Umrah experience peacefully. So, if you are going to book the best Umrah packages from your hometown, make sure that they also support additional tours to one of your best places in Saudi Arabia beyond pilgrimage. To save more, go with the 12 Nights 4 star Umrah package and stay on budget anyway.


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