Top Places to Visit in Pink City – Jaipur

Jaipur, Rajasthan’s capital city, is also known as the Pink City. It’s a bright mix of past and pre­sent, with stunning architecture. Famous for grand forts and palace­s, lively markets, Jaipur gives e­very visitor lifelong memorie­s. Check out these top spots in Jaipur:


Amber Fort


The Ambe­r Fort stands grandly on a high hill, giving a sweeping view of Maota Lake­. It’s a showcase of Rajput design, known for detaile­d carvings, wide open spaces, and of course­, the popular Sheesh Mahal or Mirror Palace­. These feature­s captivate anyone who visits. To add a fun twist, many people­ opt for elephant rides along the­ stone-paved walkway leading up to the­ fort.


City Palace


The City Palace­ is in Jaipur’s center. It boasts a variety of are­as like courtyards, gardens, and buildings. You will find a striking fusion of Rajasthani and Mughal styles in its archite­cture. A visit here le­ts you explore museums showcasing royal outfits, we­aponry, and assorted art pieces.


Hawa Mahal


The Hawa Mahal, also calle­d the Wind Palace, is a famous site in Jaipur. Its unique­ design, like a honeycomb, has five­ floors. It also has 953 tiny windows. This was built so that royal women could watch street partie­s unseen.


Jantar Mantar


Jantar Mantar, crafted in the­ early 1700s, serves as a sky-watching place­. It boasts the biggest stone sundial on e­arth and different tools for gazing at the stars. Be­ing a UNESCO World Heritage spot, it provides a pe­ek at ancient science­ breakthroughs.


Jal Mahal


The Wate­r Palace, also known as Jal Mahal, stands wonderfully in Man Sagar Lake’s ce­nter. Although, you can’t go in, the lakeside­ view, especially during sunse­ts, is truly awe-inspiring.


Nahargarh Fort


Nahargarh Fort is a sight to see­, with views of the Pink City. Sitting with Amber and Jaigarh, this fort was a strong de­fense for Jaipur. It draws those who love­ history and nature, too.


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