Nainital Mussoorie Corbett family trip: Travel with kids

Uttarakhand is a state that contains a number of scenic places to explore. Embarking on a Nainital Mussoorie Corbett family trip can be both thrilling and tricky. It is quiet a task mainly when you have young children in tow.

However, with careful planning and a sense of thrill, it can also be a rewarding experience. In this blog post, we’ll take you further through a family trip taken here. We will meanwhile share tips and insights on how to make the most with kids.

Day 1: Nainital Lakes, Views, and Serenity

Our journey begins in the hill station of Nainital, nestled amidst the Kumaon hills of Uttarakhand. With its scenic lakes and lush greenery, Nainital stands out. The family trip from Delhi to Nainital Mussoorie Corbett firstly offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and ease for a family.

Start your day with a boat ride on Naini Lake, among the huge mountains. Meanwhile, witness the vivid boats filling the shining waters. The kids were thrilled to feed the ducks and swans gliding slowly alongside our boat.

After the boat ride, we took a scenic cable car ride to Snow View Point. There, you will be treated to charming views of the Himalayas.

The kids will be further stunned by the snow capped peaks. That meanwhile stretches as far as the eye could see. You can spent hours taking in the stunning views and snapping family photos.

For lunch, you can delve in local dishes at one of the charming cafes. Meanwhile, look at at the scenic views of the lake. The kids mainly enjoy piping hot momos and sweet dishes for example bal mithai and singauri.

During the afternoon, you can see the bustling markets of Mall Road. Browse through shops selling hand made crafts, woollens, and souvenirs.

The kids will be pleased to pick out trinkets and gifts. That, you can meanwhile take back home as mementos of our trip.

As the sun began to set, make your way to Tiffin Top, a famous viewpoint. That firstly offers stunning sunset views of Nainital.

Spread out a picnic blanket and enjoy snacks. Meanwhile, watch the sky turning in the shades of orange and pink. It casts a magical glow over the landscape.

Day 2: Mussoorie Waterfalls, Ropeways, and Adventure

Your next stop is the charming hill station of Mussoorie. It is famous for its flowing waterfalls, lush forests, and colonial charm.

Firstly, start our day with Kempty Falls where the kids can have a blast. They can splashes in the cool and refreshing waters, sliding down the natural rock formations.

After that, take a thrilling ride on the Mussoorie Ropeway, soaring high above the valley. Enjoy stunning views of the nearby mountains.

The kids will be thrilled to be suspended in the air. But, further make sure to capture plenty of photos to remember the experience.

After that, explore the bustling streets of Landour, a quaint cantonment town. That is famous for its colonial structure and scenic viewpoints.

Meanwhile, stop for lunch at a local cafe. Indulge in delicious sandwiches and hot chocolate while soaking in the laid back atmosphere.

During the afternoon, visit Gun Hill, the second highest point in Mussoorie. It is reachable by a short trek or a scenic cable car ride.

From the top, you will be treated to stunning views of the Himalayas and Doon Valley. That further makes it the perfect spot for a family photo session.

As evening comes, further make your way to Camel’s Back Road, a scenic stretch. That is firstly famous for its scenic beauty and serene ambiance.

The kids can have fun playing on the lush green lawns. Watch the sun set behind the mountains, painting the sky in hues of red and gold.

Day 3: Corbett Wildlife, Safari, and Nature Trails

Our final stop was Jim Corbett National Park, India’s oldest national park. Its a haven for wildlife lovers. Firstly, start your day with an early morning safari.

Venture deep into the forest in search of big tigers, elephants, and deer. The kids will be thrilled to spot various species of birds and animals in natural space. But, meanwhile ensure to maintain a respectful distance at all times.

After the safari, embark further on a nature walk along the forest trails. Take a learned guide who shared great insights about the flora and fauna of the region.

The kids will be excited to meanwhile learn about the various plants and animals. That, we have spot on the way, ranging from tall trees to tiny insects.

Visit Corbett Musuem

During the afternoon, visit the Corbett Museum. There, the kids learned about the life and legacy of Jim Corbett.

He was the legendary hunter and activist after whom the park is named. They will be charmed by the displays of wildlife specimens and ancient artifacts. With it, they can meanwhile gain a deeper appraise for the value of conservation efforts.

As the sun began to set, enjoy a lazy boat ride. That can be further taken on the serene waters of the Ramganga River.

Soak in the quiet ambiance and listen to the sounds of nature all around us. It was the perfect way to end our family adventure in the wilderness of Corbett.


Your Nainital Mussoorie Corbett family trip is truly a enjoyable experience. That is filled with thrill, exploration, and quality time spent together. Follow these tips and insights, to create lasting moments.

That further ensure a smooth and enjoyable Nainital Mussoorie Corbett family trip with our kids. Whether you are planning a similar trip or embark on your own family tour.

Meanwhile, remind about to embrace the spirit of thrill. Above all, cherish the moments you share along the way.

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