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10 ways to use Web bulk URL Opener Tool

Web Tools are very important in the profession of different IT specialists. They use the different tools like URL opener for opening the batch URLs for different purposes. These kind of web tools are used by marketers and SEOs mainly because they have to audit the multiple sites and generate the reports accordingly. Most of the SEOs like link builders have to check the backlinks of their competitors and analyse the.

Here are 10 ways to use the Web URL Opener tool:

1. SEO Audits:

SEO is one of the emerging fields in the industry of information technology and their task is to rank the websites in the relevant search engine. Link Builders are SEOs whose task is to generate the backlinks to their domains. They use the link opener web tool for opening the backlinks which they have created. With the passage of time they check that either they are working or broken. If they are broken they find some solution for the broken backlinks or remove them from their file. Broken links doesn’t transfer the link juice to the targeted website. So, URL opener help the SEOs to generate the audit reports.

2. Web Development and Testing:

Link Opener helps the developers to develop the sites keeping in view the models of their competitors’ websites. They have to keep in mind, which are factors of other websites which I can include in my website. Moreover, before deployment of the websites, testers need to test the different websites or different web pages of same website. So, instead of opening one by one URL, they can save their time by opening bulk or batch URLs in the minimum time. Developers and Testers need this tool for the broken links of their websites.

3. Research and Academia:

Teachers and Students in the academic fields use these kind of tools for researching on different topics. They have to explore the different resources, articles, and projects. Some of the teachers use the technique to teach the students after a well-researched material. Comparative Analysis is easy with the URL Opener because while researching for the project or thesis, you have to open the different websites simultaneously.

4. Marketing Campaigns:

Marketers also need the Links opener tools for maintaining the different campaigns. They also have to check the sites which are working correctly or not. Broken links of URLs which are not working properly are sent back to the development team for the changings. Some of the page may give the 404 error. Developers may redirect those pages to homepage or to any other relevant page. Then marketers can re-launch the campaign. They can also check the bids on different keywords for making the efficient campaign for their company.

5. Content Management:

Content Managers need to check the content through different links using the Link Opener. Even Content writers have to write the content with the comparison of the competitors. They have to adopt the good techniques of other writers and remove the drawbacks which are having in their content. It will improve the quality of their content and helps the SEOs to rank their desired websites in the minimal time period.

6. Bookmark Management:

Most of the Marketers use the many web tools which are needed by them while running the campaigns and SEOs also need the similar tools like Web Link Opener, link grabber, website authority checkers and various other tools which they bookmark in their browser. For the efficient browsing, URL Opener is one of the best tools. They can easily manage and open all the tools and required URLs in the single go.

7. Productivity Tools:

Projects which are in the development houses or marketing agencies need the URL Opener tool for the opening the productivity tools, related documents, and different resources which are available on the World Wide Web. These tools have the frequent usage in the marketing agencies so you can open them simultaneously and can save time. In that way you can boost your productivity and can become the key unit of your company. With these productivity tools, you can check the working of your workers and set the new aims and objectives.

8. Social Media Management:

Marketing teams have more than one accounts from which they are working. It is very easy to manage these accounts using the Link opener. Social Media managers can easily monitor all the accounts and check the posts using this tool. They also have to check the different posts which are working and how many users have seen this. For the simultaneously opening of the posts from different social media platforms, you need to use the URL Opener. This will help you to save the time and increase the productivity.

9. Sales and Outreach:

Sales Consultants have to use the Link opener for gathering the information and verify their business details. They have check the different prospective of their business and their aims and goals. Team leads also have to check the communication between the sales consultants and clients. It will improve the quality of the services which are provided by the company. Ultimately, it will help you to increase the revenue of the company.

10. Event Planning and Management:

Event Planning and Management activities need the use of Website opener for opening the vendor or venues links. Event resources can also be opened using the web link opener tool. This helps the event planners for boosting their productivity.

These were some uses of URL Opener tool which we have explained through this article. We have come to know that mainly, SEOs, Marketers, and Academia fields uses the Web Link opener for checking the different links at a time. This help the users to improve their productivity and save their time.

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