Merle French Bulldog Care Tips for Keeping Your Furry Friend Happy

French bulldogs are loving animals that require constant attention and snuggles from their owner. These beautiful creations are known for their seamless coat patterns of different colors ranging from blue to black, lilac to chocolate, and even isabella and fawn.  One of the most alluring features of the Merle French bulldog is their bright blue eyes. Their body contains the  M-locus gene, which causes random pigment dilution and lightens their eye color. Animals want love and care from their owner, and you must give your pets affection. Your pet’s guide will share valuable insights about dealing with kindness and some care tips for keeping your furry friend happy.

Utmost care to your Frenchie;

French bulldogs, beyond their beautiful appearance, are also your best companions. These unique pets deserve thorough attention and care to keep them healthy and satisfied. Lets deep dive; 


Keep your dogs clean by regularly bathing. Dust and brush are occasionally removed to keep their coat clean and attractive. Use quality-based products such as shampoo to maintain their soft fur.

Exercise your dogs;

Merle French bulldogs are usually less active than other dogs. Owners must maintain a suitable lifestyle, such as going for a long morning walk daily and playing with dogs for their healthy lifestyle. 

Healthy diet;

A healthy diet is compulsory to mentally and physically satisfy your sweet pets. Natural food is mandatory for good health and is liked by French puppies. If you are a pet owner and designing a menu for your puppy, include 70% meat products as they contain more proteins and 30% vegetable(cereals, boiled vegetables) foods that provide enough carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins. Give your Frenchie fresh milk daily in the morning because it has enough calcium. Diet plans may vary with the dog’s age. Pay extra attention to what they eat and drink. Inside health is essential to maintain their metabolism process and skeleton structure. Give her a nutritious food that is suitable for her age. Regular exercise is important for your dog, but start out slowly.

General health tips to consider;

Here are some general medical considerations you must know if you are a French bulldog owner. Here are some situations;

Dental disease;

Almost 80% of dogs suffer from dental disease at age two. French bulldogs are more sensitive and more likely to develop dental problems. It starts with tartar build-up on the teeth and causes infection in the gums and roots of the teeth. If you are treated on time, your Frenchie will retain his teeth. Make sure to brush your dog’s teeth regularly to maintain their pearly whites and protect them from infection. 

Viral infections;

French bulldogs are more susceptible to viral bacteria such as parvo, rabies, and distemper. Prior vaccination is essential to save your dog’s precious life. If you notice any symptoms, then consult with the doctor. He will examine age and other factors during treatment. 


The primary health issue regarding the Merle franchise is obesity. Probably, your dog will suffer from joint pain and metabolic and digestive disorders, which also can cause heart disease. In this case, they should have a look at what they eat and try to make them happy by regularly brushing their fur and playing daily. 

Bleeding problems;

There are several bleeding problems related to French bulldogs. Usually, as a snap judgment, they seem like regular dogs, but they have this issue. Test for a particular DNA or blood clotting time in a diagnostic manner.  Your pet’s physical health is also important with the proper inside testing. 

Want to buy merely French bulldogs;

In this article, we will navigate you to the point where you will know how to treat your Merle Frenchies with care and love and learn about some diseases that can attack your pets. If you are looking for a company to buy French bulldogs, then French Bulldogs LA Are in the market. They have a wide range of Merle French bulldogs for sale. 

Final Words:

Keeping your pets healthy and happy is a challenging task. A proper diet plan and regular exercise are required for a healthier lifestyle. Suppose you have a pet and want to protect them from unwanted diseases. Then read the above about some diseases and take precautions to safeguard your Merle French bulldogs. These beautiful creations require constant attention from their owners. So, it is your prior responsibility to give proper attention to your animals. Regularly consult a doctor to check if your Merle Frenchies are fit. French Bulldogs LA

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