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Best Fixes For Instagram “Couldn’t refresh feed” Error

Instagram regular users may have witnessed the issue of  Instagram “couldn’t refresh feed” On the device where they are accessing the Instagram app. So, users wonder how to resolve it and stop the occurrence of this disturbance which has been irritating and not resolving for long. Instagram can’t refresh feed is a common error that prompts often when there is an interruption in the network connection, improper internet speed, and many more. So, here we’ll  explain the various causes of this error message and how to resolve it. 

Fixes For Instagram “Couldn’t refresh feed” Error

There is a solution to every problem, so the possible measures that as a user you can take are mentioned below.

1. Internet Connectivity

Users should have a stable internet connection to load the content in one go without any interruptions. Instagram won’t refresh if the network is slow or the connectivity is not stable. The error of not refreshing the feed is a common sign that you should check your internet connection. To check if you have a major issue with your internet connection open the browser of your Android or the iPhone device where you are accessing the app and try to launch the Google site. If the connection is settled then in this case the browser link will open easily but if not then the problem lies here and needs to be fixed.

2. Instagram Status

Not every time a problem will lie at your end. It is also possible that the problem or server issue is happening on the Instagram side, so users should check if the officials from Instagram mentioned something about the activity of Instagram or not. Is Instagram down for some time or not? Since a lot of people use Instagram social media platforms and hence the huge traffic rush daily, there are chances that the app to go down.

3. Reboot the Device

If the problem is not yet resolved and Instagram can’t refresh feed then in this situation you are suggested to just reboot your device on which you are using the Instagram app. It will help you to refresh all the applications on your device and may resolve the problem. The easiest way might be to become a savior in this situation.

4. Clear Cache

If you wish you can also try clearing the cache and deleting the app history which will help to release some space in your app. Sometimes the cache acts as corrupt in case you watch some sensitive content and vulnerability gets attract the app starts behaving in the couldn’t refresh state, so clearing the cache could also be the impactful method in this case.

5. Reinstall the app

If nothing is working out you can try to reinstall the Instagram app on your device and see if this could be the potential solution. 

So, here we have explained all the possible reasons and the resolutions for the couldn’t refresh feed Instagram issue. The potential methods will help resolve the issue and make the process easier while you are using the Instagram app. If you need any other update regarding social media and tech related blogs then you may also visit our official website

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